Alumni Profile: Kimberley Record

Kimberley (Kim) Record graduated with honours from CSNN Ottawa in 2006, and through this education, experienced a personal transformation, which she now brings forward to her practice as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional, Health Coach and Personal Trainer.

This personal transformation was in her emotional connection to food and body image. Through her studies and the development of an in-depth understanding of Natural Nutrition and the Body-Mind-Spirit connection to health, she was able to free herself of limiting habits that had been holding her back from realizing a truly healthy life, in all aspects. And with this freedom, came the ability to enjoy the process of nourishing herself.

Throughout this journey, she also developed a passion for helping others suffering similar limitations. Today, she fulfills this passion through her company WingPower Wellness, lcsnn-certification-mark-colour-smocated in Peterborough, Ontario. Using her knowledge of holistic nutrition, combined with compassion and a solid support and accountability structure, she coaches clients towards their ultimate health and weight-loss goals; and maintains a commitment to helping them gain freedom from the emotional and physical stress of their body weight and other lifestyle-related health concerns.

Kim is also co-founder of The Educated Eater—a project that has brought together a community of CSNN graduates and students from across Canada to form a free online resource of easy, nutritious recipes and health tips to help people make the transition to better nutrition with ease:

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