Alumni Profile: Shelley Goldenberg

csnn-certification-mark-colour-smShelley is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional, studying with CSNN in 2003-2004 and graduating first in her class and holds a degree in Economics and Marketing.

For over 10 years, in addition to her private practice, Shelley has also continued in a leadership role in the areas of Client Services, Business Development and Management at leading marketing and merchandising companies.

Shelley’s consulting company, “ consultants”, helps individuals and businesses ensure they are meeting both their professional and personal goals, forging a true holistic approach.

To be successful in today’s complex world, we need to balance work and personal life, stress and relaxation, and fuel our bodies with food choices that fit our unique biochemistry. Working with ‘ consultants’ involve not only in-office disciplines like financials, HR, process, and client service, but also the personal priorities such as making healthy food choices, exercise, stress relievers and maintaining work-life balance. Consultants can be engaged to help setup new business ventures, enhance currently established practices or reach desired milestones. Shelley’s skills as both a manager and problem solver, along with a large network of support professionals in all disciplines provide the perfect solution to help achieve all of your goals.

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