Alumni Profile: Diana Trzok

csnn-certification-mark-colour-smDiana is a Colon Hydrotherapist who graduated CSNN’s Natural Nutrition program nnsymbol with honours in 2012. She is passionate about assisting clients with tailored detoxification programs based on their individual Symptomatology results.

She owns a 52 acre Bed & Breakfast property in Bayfield, Ontario just off the shores of beautiful Lake Huron.  Here she plans to transform the Inn into a Retreat Centre complete with RMT staff and various complementary modalities.  She is sure the business will be a success since Bayfield is a quaint tourist destination brimming with history, arts and culture, culinary pros, and a healthy, active population.

Diana’s passion for wellness began ten years ago with her own transformation of bad habits.  After hitting a rock-bottom in her life, Diana surrendered her self to meditation, yoga and nutrition.  Seeing that these time-honoured practices helped her through a difficult time in her life, she devoted herself to learning how to help others achieve the same alchemy in their own lives.  Diana’s idea of a holistic health begins with bodily detoxification and continues with nutrition, exercise, rest and living fully.

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