Alumni Profile: Jessica Scollo

Growing up, I had severe eczema, asthma and allergies.  Long story short, and after much trial and error on my own, I started noticing how different foods made me feel and which ones caused my eczema to flare up.  I wanted to share this newfound knowledge that food really can be “thy medicine”, so I decided to start studying at CSNN.  

After graduating in 2018, I opened up Nourish – a small health food store in Warman, SK with an attached smoothie and coffee bar. I have also started a partnership business with our health food store called “The Nourished Mama”, where I work with busy mums to provide quick and easy nourishing recipes, prenatal/postpartum nutrition recommendations, and anything else mum life related.  

Learn more about Jessica at, or connect with her on Instagram (@thenourished.mama) and Facebook (“The Nourished Mama“).

WHY CSNN? “CSNN was an easy choice for me.  I started with the first book and the trial program before committing to the full program (which is such a great option!).  I was hooked, the information provided was so extensive, exciting and I wanted to learn more.  The instructors were great, always able to answer questions in a timely-manner and the program was laid out in a really easy to follow format.”

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