Alumni Profile: Natasha Asselstine

Natasha Asselstine (BA, R.H.N.) is a Holistic Nutrition Professional and advocate for wholesome living, based in Vancouver, B.C. She received her training from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and has been working in a clinical environment since graduating in 2016. She is also the author of the “In Season Agenda” which encourages people to eat (and live) in harmony with the seasons.

Natasha deeply cares about the wellbeing of her clients, and works hard to set them up for success. She creates an environment where her clients feel comfortable, confident and excited to meet their nutritional goals.

Natasha believes that a successful journey to wellness begins with small, simple steps, and that every decision we make about our own well-being has a positive ripple effect on those around us, our society and, ultimately, the planet.

Learn more about Natasha at, or connect with her via email at, or on Facebook (@tashelstine.nutrition) and Instagram (@natasha.asselstine).

WHY CSNN? Natasha chose to study at CSNN… “because of their reputation in the industry, for the learning outcomes, and because their principles around health and food align with [my] own.”

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