Become a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

Natural Nutrition Diploma Program

Want to help others achieve optimal health? Register for CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Diploma Program and discover an exciting new career. 

  • Earn your diploma, professional title, and designation 
  • Comprehensive science-based curriculum provides a strong foundation for a career in the holistic health industry
  • Opportunity to improve your overall health and wellbeing naturally through nutrition and to share your knowledge with others
Enhanced Clinical Studies

Enhanced Clinical Studies / Intensive Natural Nutrition Program available at select CSNN Branches.

Get a Taste of Holistic Nutrition

Introductory and Culinary Workshops

Dip your toe into holistic nutrition if you’re not ready to commit to the full Natural Nutrition Program. These are open to everybody and have new flexible study formats so you can learn from home!

Holistic Culinary Certificate Workshops

  • Cook your way to better health! Sharpen your practical abilities while deepening your knowledge of whole foods and holistic health. 

Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate Workshop

  • A series of fun workshops that gives you a sneak peek into the world of holistic nutrition and provides you with some holistic nutrition tips for you and your family.
  • No prior knowledge of holistic nutrition is needed. 

Introduction to Natural Nutrition Certificate

  • Students will learn some basic holistic nutrition principles and gain insight into the study of holistic nutrition and how it is connected to health.
  • Successful completion of the certificate may be used to transfer to the full program, provided the student meets the program’s admission policy.

Practitioner Certificates

Advanced Holistic Nutrition Workshops, Certificate Packages, and Continuing Education

Graduates and other healthcare practitioners can grow and upgrade their skills with a variety of Continuing Education courses and workshops. 

  • Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops and Certificate Packages to focus on Immune or Cognitive Support, available at select CSNN branches
  • Earn upgrade hours and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your practice
  • Work effectively with other practitioners in the healthcare field

About CSNN

CSNN is the largest and leading school of Holistic Nutrition in Canada, with classroom locations across Canada and Online Distance Education. There are over 11,000 graduates worldwide. 

  • Evolving science research-based curriculum
  • Growing range of different offerings
  • Flexibility and accommodation with variety of delivery methods
  • Innovating and adapting with the student in mind

What are people saying about CSNN?

  • CSNN changed my life! It gave me an environment where I could talk about my health challenges without feeling judged or weird. It gave me the knowledge I needed to properly take care of myself and finally understand my health condition. It also gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start helping others with similar health conditions as mine. I am now working part-time at the government and part-time as a nutritionist. It feels awesome to help others and to have found a new life’s purpose.

    Robert Martin, R.H.N.
    Class of 2017
  • I always had an interest in health and wellness and it continued to grow as I was dealing with some personal health issues. One day I decided that I wanted to focus on my own wellness journey and that’s when I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I chose this school because I found the course hours flexible and I really enjoyed the course lineup. I loved my year at CSNN and I gained a deeper understanding about the power of nutrition and how the body is interconnected. My passion for nutrition blossomed and I wanted to make a career of helping others. The courses were packed with knowledge and all of the teachers were amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Delia Mota, R.H.N.
    Class of 2018
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Pulses: The New (Old) Superfood?

Prepared by Debora Palmieri, BASc., R.H.N. | Love ‘em or hate ‘em pulses, commonly referred to as legumes, are the newest superfood in town and for good reason! Although, they have been around for thousands of years, pulses are now moving into the spotlight. This year has actually been voted to be the International...
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Superfoods are Great but Variety is Super!

Prepared by: Jessica Mitton, C.H.N.C., CNE  | Superfoods are certainly all the rage these days. Everywhere you go, people are trying to get these nutrient-dense foods into their diet, and marketers are pushing their so-called ‘super’ products like they’re the next big thing. But what exactly are superfoods and are they really, well, super?...
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How to Stay Resilient in Difficult Times

Prepared by: Kristina Virro, R.H.N., Registered Psychotherapist| If there was ever a year that demanded resilience, it was 2020. After all, if resilience is defined as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, that is what 2020 was all about. We adapted to following arrows on the floors of grocery stores....
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How to Encourage Kids to Expand their Culinary Palates

Prepared by Shannon MacLean, R.H.N., C.H.N.C., BA-IR  Be Specific Using child-centric nutrition phrases has been studied to increase kids’ openness to trying new foods. Phrases such as: “vegetables keep you from getting sick”, “protein helps you learn”, “fish makes us smarter”, “eggs will make you grow stronger”, and (especially effective for aspiring superheroes), “this grass-fed...
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Delia Mota

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ who works with children, adults and families to help them live a healthy and vibrant life! 


Facebook: @facebook

Instagram: @instagram

Example 3A - Delia Mota

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I focus on working with clients with cognitive health concerns such as ADD/ADHD, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and brain fog. I am based out of Ottawa, however I also work with clients virtually.

Why did you decide to work in this industry?

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Brief Background

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Was there a course in the CSNN curriculum that motivated you towards this career path?

Client Testimonial

Example 3B - Chara Marie Krangle

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Chara Marie Krangle

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ who specializes in weight loss and fitness.


Facebook: @facebook

Instagram: @instagram

I work with men and women all over empowering and supporting them by taking the confusing ever changing nutrition and fitness information and simplifying it. The result, attainable steps, digestible information, delicious recipes, a fulfilling lifestyle with long lasting results. With easy to follow programs, one on one coaching and a good sense of humour, I support my clients in achieving their health, wellness and weight loss goals. 

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

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Why study holistic nutrition?

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Give us a snapshot of your day-to-day

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What was your career "aha" moment?

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