Alyssa Gallant, R.H.N.

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Alyssa Gallant

After working as a manager in the corporate retail field for over 12 years, Alyssa decided to make a career change that better aligned with her personal values, goals and her overall health. She enjoyed the CSNN program so much that immediately after the completion of her final exam, she walked straight to the front desk and asked the branch manager for a job. She began by doing small office administration tasks which eventually evolved into facilitating and teaching roles. She currently teaches Symptomatology, workshops, case study practicals and offers tutoring services.

Alyssa Gallant graduated from CSNN in early 2019 and is the founder and owner of Monday Nutrition. Monday Nutrition currently works with clients and local businesses and has recently partnered with Fair Sun Organic Farm in Spencerville, Ontario. Alyssa is a nutritionist at the Natural Food Pantry in Barrhaven and also works with multiple Canadian health food and organic body care brands both in person and online.