Cara Janzen, H.BCS, R.H.N.

Cara Janzen, H.BCS, R.H.N., Certified Metabolic Balance Coach


CSNN Teacher


Cara Janzen has been a passionate Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional since 2015. She has a background in Biological Sciences and Psychology, with a minor in Chemistry after graduating from the University of Windsor in 2010. Following the completion of CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Program nnsymbol, Cara continued on and completed training to be a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach in 2016.

Cara is the Owner of Radical Nutrition, where she coaches and educates her clients, through radical transformations in their health. She loves sharing her knowledge with everyone she has the opportunity to ‘talk nutrition’ with. She values putting the power back into her clients hands when it comes to their health goals through effective education and programs. She utilizes the amazing, beneficial powers of food to balance hormones, reset bodily functions and achieve amazing overall optimal wellness. The unlimited possibilities for healing that can happen when you consume the foods that are right for your body is truly remarkable. Cara also leads various workshops intended to bring information to people in practical, interactive ways. She has also joined forces with a wellness center to offer cooking and other various workshops in her community.

Cara is excited to have the opportunity to teach the students at CSNN and help train the next Holistic Nutrition practitioners to help change the world of Health and Nutrition. She teaches the Nutrition Literature Research class as well as various practicals.

When Cara is not coaching, experimenting with food, teaching or sharing her knowledge, she is spending time and loving on her son