Debbie Smrz, BSc., N.D.

Debbie Smrz, BSc., N.D.


CSNN Teacher


Debbie graduated from Guelph University with an honours degree in Genetics and Molecular biology. After working and travelling the world, returned to study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine. With two children of her own, Debbie has a special interest in children and women’s health, breast cancer, environmental medicine, fertility and pain management, has good success working with clients desiring weight loss, as well as anti-aging assistance. She is trained in Darkfield microscopy and terrain analysis, certified in IV therapy and facial rejuvenation, and has travelled to Europe to undertake further training in biological medicine.

Debbie is also a sports and fitness enthusiast. A past member of the Markham Rugby Football Club and Guelph Varsity Lacrosse, she now partakes in Ultimate Frisbee, tennis, biking and running. She just completed her first triathlon and has been a fitness instructor for over 14 years. She is an energetic and compelling speaker, and has spoken at various corporate events and Shows. Her goal is to combine her motivational and lifestyle counseling skills to guide and facilitate change to restore and maintain optimal health in her practice and guided retreats.