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Elizabeth Leslie


Elizabeth has been teaching at CSNN Mississauga since 1998.  Her main focus is teaching Symptomatology I and 2.  She is Mississauga’s senior case study teacher and is instrumental in guiding students on how to cohesively bring all that they learned into context when preparing client case studies. Elizabeth Leslie may challenge some of your current beliefs… and can be counted upon to stimulate “outside the box” thinking.


Elizabeth has worked in the holistic health industry since 1987. She was born and educated in Scotland and brings a wealth of personal life experience to what she shares with both CSNN students and her clients in private practice.

For several years Elizabeth served as President of the Canadian Natural Hygiene Society. Elizabeth’s private practice includes Holistic Nutrition, live blood cell analysis, enzyme therapy, Heidelberg (gastric) PH testing and conducts raw food group classes.