Erika Arnold

Erika Arnold, R.H.N. (2018)


Erika is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher helping individuals connect with their love and care for the Earth with a passion for sustainability and zero waste living.  Growing up in the Fraser valley, Erika developed an appreciation for eating locally, seasonally, and the importance of knowing where food comes from and the relationships we can develop with the individuals growing and raising it.

Her outlook on Holistic Nutrition very much embodies these properties by helping individuals on their wellness journey learn the importance of personal health from an inner and outer perspective from what you consume to your surroundings. Outside of teaching the Eco Nutrition portion of the program at CSNN and teaching yoga, Erika also owns and operates a mobile zero waste shop called The Refillery.

Through The Refillery, she supplies her customers with all natural, locally made, plant based, and biodegradable refills of household cleaners, soaps, detergents, and body care. Erika also loves to teach and offer insight on pursuing a more sustainable and earth friendly life through speaking engagements and workshops.