Fiona Shepherd, B.A, R.H.N.

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Fiona Shepherd, B.A, R.H.N.


Since 2009, Fiona has been teaching Fundamentals of Business at CSNN Mississauga and practicals.


Fiona graduated McMaster University in 1984 with a BA. She then spent over fifteen years in corporate training before following her passion to study Holistic Nutrition.  In 2005, Fiona graduated from CSNN Mississauga as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional.

Her career experience includes preparation and teaching training courses and presentations of health and wellness seminars to corporate clients. She was an Executive Director for a non-profit organization and worked for a marketing company.

She currently divides her time between running a part-time holistic nutrition practice and providing health and wellness counseling to clients at a medical doctor’s clinic in Oakville Ontario.