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Grace Van Berkum


Grace Van Berkum graduated at the top of her class from CSNN in 2005. She created “Gracious Living Wellness Retreats”, healthy vacations around the world in the tropics embracing yoga, raw food nutrition, meditation, and healing oneself in nature.

csnn-certification-mark-colour-smShe currently lives in Nicaragua half the year running Gracious Living Yoga Surf Vegan Retreats on the beaches and on volcanoes. The rest of the year she is teaching in the Bahamas running 10 Day Juice Fasts, 3 Day Vegan and Raw Food Retreats, 4 Day Liquid Cleanses, and teaching yoga, as well as teaching Anti-Cancer Plant-based Nutrition Workshops at MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Orlando, Florida. Any time that is left over in her year is spent in Toronto, Canada where she is from (but only when it is warm).


I came to nutrition school not out of curiosity and enthusiasm, but because I was desperate and hit a rock bottom. I wanted to live and knew it was time to take responsibility for my health and my future. When I surrendered and was ready to receive help and inspiration, the universe magically presented CSNN to me. CSNN changed my life and my approach to living. It was the best thing I ever did for my future. And now I love sharing everything I learned about food, and self love, as a medicine, and (food as a form of self love) with people that need help.

Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N.