Joni Yungblut, R.H.N. – CSNN London Branch Manager

Joni Yungblut, R.H.N.

Licenced Branch Manager


Joni Yungblut – Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional, Organic Master Gardener and Personal Trainer – is the Licensed Branch Manager of the London Branch of CSNN and is affectionately called “Mother Dove” by her students for her heartfelt (and silly) analogy of setting her students free to change the world!

Growing up in rural Ontario, Joni developed an interest for the outdoors and exploring nature early on. Already stubborn and headstrong, she became a baseball fan and fine-tuned her skills to keep up with her 2 older brothers – and has won many team championships and personal sports awards over the years. She is an avid fitness enthusiast, participating in competitive baseball and beach volleyball year round.

Joni attended Conestoga College for Police Foundations, but due to poor eyesight, was unable to get into policing. So she opted for a career as a Private Investigator and worked mainly in the field of white-collar crime and fraud. Although the work was fascinating, it did not fulfill her personally.

At 16, Joni lost her father to cancer. With her own diagnosis of IBS and ongoing struggles to manage the disorder, she was concerned for her future health…until she walked into a health food store one day and asked for help. The advice she was given changed the course of her life as she discovered a new way to restore her body through holistic nutrition, lifestyle changes, and a positive shift in mental thinking. She was told about the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and hasn’t looked back.

Joni knew it was time to make a career change – one that would fulfill her spiritually and speak to her need of helping others. She graduated from CSNN in 2004 with Honours and immediately started her nutrition practice. She worked daily with her clients until she opened the London Branch in 2006.

Joni has a wide range of knowledge on nutrition, athletic performance and injuries, weight loss/gain, cancer, hormonal imbalances, vitamins and minerals, natural healing alternatives, and herbal medicine. She has completed additional education on Natural Health Care for Pets and has completed the Certified Master Organic Gardener certification.  Joni has a hobby farm where she grows her own organic food and raises free-range heritage breed chickens. She is a published author and proud to be part of a school that continually thrives to bring the best education to their students and opportunities for graduates, and loves going to work every day to see the excitement on the students’ faces as they learn.

You’ll often find Joni teaching Fundamentals of Business, Sports Nutrition, Nutrition Literature Research, as well as numerous practicals. She also works on writing projects and is happy to report she now has 20/20 vision.