Lindsay Coleman, C.H.N.C., HCI-CHC

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Lindsay Coleman

Lindsay Coleman graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2016 with honors and has since expanded her commitment to community health through multiple facets. In partnership with Sobeys Inc., she practiced as a Wellbeing Counsellor working with community members through one-on-one consultation and group program facilitation. In 2017, Lindsay became a Certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute and the International Coaching Federation to supplement what she was able to offer.

This experience of working with the public and a wide array of health concerns reinforced how multifactorial health is and inspired her to further her education. Lindsay is currently in her final year of her Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology – Family Science at the University of Alberta. During this time, she has gained practical knowledge about the psychology and sociology of health and illness and the role that policy plays in promoting or inhibiting health. Human ecologists focus on enhancing individual and family wellbeing to improve their quality of life, and Lindsay is excited to complete her training and put her skills into practice.

While attending the University of Alberta, Lindsay has been employed at Peak Medical Specialties working to help blend natural and allopathic practice. As a Patient Educator and Community Relations Manager, she has worked with multiple physicians to aid individuals in the management of chronic health conditions. To supplement her work with Peak and future career goals, Lindsay has completed additional Psychological First Aid and Foundational Caregiver-Centered Care Education training.

Lindsay is passionate about addressing systemic barriers to health and easing the navigation of natural and allopathic modalities. However, when she is not studying or pursuing the above career goals, she enjoys camping, biking, travelling and baking.