Madison Agrey, R.H.N.

Madison Agrey, R.H.N.


CSNN Teacher


Madison has shown an interest in self-care since she was a child. This led her to explore many ancient wisdom practices, including mindfulness, yoga and holistic nutrition. She enjoys weaving the teachings from each of these avenues together, encouraging her students and clients to turn toward the wisdom of their own body and attend with kindness. She believes that caring for ourselves can be simple, should be sustainable and celebratory!

Madison graduated from the Nanaimo branch of CSNN in 2015 and has completed over 300 hours in yoga teacher training. She has also received training in mindfulness and birth work. She currently teaches the Body, Mind, Spirit course at CSNN and has a private nutrition and yoga practice within Nanaimo. As well as leading weekly yoga classes, Madison also works with children and youth in the community, delivering lessons that focus on healthy relationship to food, body image, nutrition and positive lifestyle practices.