Nancy Elizabeth Laird, BSc., R.H.N.

Nancy Elizabeth Laird, BSc., R.H.N.


CSNN Teacher


Nancy is a foodie with a science background, an omnivorous palate and a passion for lifetime learning. Chemistry at McGill, English literature at Concordia, systems engineering at Carleton and holistic nutrition at CSNN Ottawa, prepared Nancy to bring a multifaceted approach to the study of nutrition manifesting the joys and complexities of the body, mind, spirit connection. Her work history includes employment as a food scientist in industry, a chemist with the federal government in both hazardous products and renewable energy, an instructor at Dalhousie University in the department of chemistry, an educator of both children and adults, a baker and nutritional consultant.

Nancy is proudly part of CSNN Nanaimo where she has taught Symptomatology II and Chemistry/Biochemistry since 2013.

Her recent passions are teaching food workshops in Preserving the Harvest and Fermentation at the Commons, Gabriola Island, and working with Help the Kelp in the restoration of the kelp beds off Gabriola Island where she resides. She is the proud mother of Joseph and Leah.