Dr. Olena Gill, R.Ac., DIHom, CCH, ND

Dr. Olena Gill, R.Ac., DIHom, CCH, ND


CSNN Teacher


If there is one word that would be a core theme in Dr. Olena Gill’s life, it would be Education.  Since the age of 8, Dr. Olena had wanted to be a doctor, but combined with her love of nature and farming family background, the road became a curvy one instead of a straight line.  Over the last 30 years, Dr. Olena achieved bachelor  degrees in both Music and Psychology from Queens University and Vancouver Island University.  She decided that natural medicine was far more interesting  so dipped her toe in the water and started to learn anything that interested her. Between 1994 and 2008, Dr. Olena amassed certifications, skills and training in well over 20 different holistic modalities – Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Aromatherapy, Certified Herbalist, and Colon Hydrotherapy, just to name a few.  You name it, it just might be on her wall!  In 2001, Dr. Olena took her education to another level, and received her Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.) license and has honed her skills in acupuncture, TCM Herbalism, tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Alongside all that learning, Dr. Olena opened up the first ever holistic multi-disciplinary clinic in Nanaimo – The Mind-Body Connection Centre – in 1994, practicing numerous modalities, as well as conducting workshops on natural health and personal development, herbal cooking classes, and botanical medicine making.  She finally had the opportunity to pursue her desire of being a doctor, and in 2014, successfully matriculated at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, BC. 

As of 2015, Dr. Olena is a licensed naturopathic doctor and is a member in good standing with BCNA, CAND, CNPBC, and CTCMA.  She has two naturopathic and holistic health clinics in Parksille, BC and on Gabriola Island, BC.  She currently integrates many different modalities such homeopathy, botanical medicine, energy work, nutritional and physical medicines, to best service her patients’ individualized needs.

Dr. Olena has wide-ranging experience treating many health conditions, and has a special interest in endocrine disorders, including thyroid health, diabetes and chronic autoimmune disorders.  She also enjoys working in the arena of palliative and end-life care.

When she’s not practicing in the clinic or teaching, you will most certainly find Dr. Olena working in her organic food and herb farm on Gabriola Island, growing and producing medicinal herbs, as well as continuously evolving her herbal body care product line called Sea-to-Sky Apothecary. Rounding out her life are her husband, 2 children, 3 cats and 3 dogs. Dr. Olena teaches Nutritional Literature Research and Anatomy and Physiology at the Nanaimo location of CSNN.