Peg McPhedran, R.H.N

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Peg McPhedran, R.H.N., R.Y.T.


Peg has been teaching at CSNN Mississauga since 2010. Courses include the Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshop in Mental Health and Introduction to Nutritional Sciences, as well as practicals.


Peg received her Bachelor of Science degree in 1977 and her Bachelor of Education from Western in 1978 leading to a MEd from OISE/UT. She was a high school science and mathematics teacher for 12 years and a guidance counselor for 20. With a life-long interest in food and nutrition, she went on to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional and graduated in 2005 from CSNN’s Natural Nutrition programme nnsymbol in Mississauga.

Since retiring from teaching, Peg has a private practice in Holistic Nutrition and is a yoga instructor completing a number of certifications through Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy.