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Preeti Syal


I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional, graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Vancouver, BC in 2010 with Distinguished Merit. I also hold a Master of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition from Delhi University, India. I have a passion for nutrition, a natural ability and a strong desire to share the knowledge with others. I come from New Delhi, the fast paced metropolitan capital of India, but I have carried over my ancestral cooking style and philosophy of food over to Vancouver, BC. My passion for food has evolved to encompass a philosophy that focuses on whole and natural foods intended to nourish and promote health and wellbeing. I aspire to help people restore balance and create wellness in their lives. I believe that most chronic illnesses stem from improper digestion and malnutrition.

My lifelong fascination with food and the sudden increase of kids with allergies ultimately lead my curiosity towards nutrition and healing. I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Vancouver campus, which opened a whole new world of awareness. I would love to share all my knowledge and awareness with others.

I offer individual and group nutritional counseling to help people identify imbalances in their diet and lifestyle. I can design personalized programs as per lifestyle, culture and health issues! Focusing on unprocessed, whole foods, I will help make real life food choices fun! I am available for cooking classes on healthy eating specific to different age groups and health conditions.

Recently I hosted as series of healthy cooking classes for young kids 6-9 years of age which proved that Nutrition is very important to every person and teaching it as early as preschool years is an excellent idea. Lifelong healthy eating habits are shaped largely by an early exposure to sound nutrition education. Children who are taught nutrition early in life develop an interest in healthy living for the rest of their lives!

I also teach traditional Healthy Indian cooking for adults.

I host nutrition workshops including cooking demonstrations on various health related topics such as diabetes, arthritis, menopause, heart health, allergies, insomnia, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and healthy aging at the Minoru Place Senior Activity center and Cambie Community Center in Richmond.

In March 2011, I took part in the Activate Wellness Fair for Seniors in Richmond, hosted by the City of Richmond where I talked about managing various health conditions holistically as well as demonstrated a few healthy dishes for Seniors! In June 2011, I hosted a workshop for seniors on “100 Mile Diet” at the Minoru Place Senior Activity Center.

I am so proud to be given this opportunity to be part of the teaching faculty at CSNN Vancouver, where I will be teaching Fundamentals of Nutrition, Symptomatology and Preventive Nutrition.