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Prepared by: Dr. Murray Hassard, DC The Science of Genetics had changed so much in the last 50 years and many people are completely unaware of the implications to our planet and our food chain. Our Ancestors modified plants gradually over many years by selecting...
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Prepared by: Elizabeth Leslie, Holistic Nutritional Consultant Our mothers and grandmothers seemed to possess innate wisdom to tell us, their offspring, to “chew our food”…..but do we?  In our fast pace lives many of us find it hard to even sit down to eat, let...
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Prepared by: Mara Panacci, R.H.N. | The term ‘organic’ has become synonymous in people’s minds with health, wellbeing and green living. We can have open dialogue about organic foods at our local farmer’s markets, family gatherings and even large supermarkets are carrying a varying...
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Prepared by: Tricia Sedgwick, R.H.N.  | Nutrients in Fresh Produce Have you ever wondered why fresh produce from the grocery store can lack flavour or even be tasteless? Or have you compared the taste of a conventional supermarket tomato to a fresh plucked, organically...
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Prepared by: Debora Palmieri, BASc, R.H.N. | As a holistic nutritional practitioner, a common complaint I hear is that organic foods are too expensive. While I don’t disagree, I feel that the benefits of eating organic far outweigh the cost. However, the good thing...
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