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Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser died at 89, on October 13, 2020. “Corporations should not be able to control people, seeds, plants, and food through patent law.” – Percy Schmesier, 2007. The large seed and biotechnology company Monsanto took Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser to court alleging infringement of the company’s patent rights over its genetically engineered (genetically modified or...
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As consumers call for improved animal welfare, stewardship of the soil, and conservation of dwindling water supplies, Aurora Organic Dairy is preparing to open a heifer factory on 1,900 acres in the dry High Plains of Colorado. The feedlot will house 7,000 “organic” heifers (a young cow that hasn’t born offspring yet) when fully operational. Article...
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New study shows that organic works. Glycophosphate levels in the bodies of 4 families across the country dropped 70% after just 1 week on an organic diet! Read the full article here.  
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Prepared by: Rachel Murray, R.H.N. What does Organic really mean? ‘Organic’ has become a very loose and overused term in our society. However, the systems that have been put in place, which I should add, are constantly evolving, that regulate organically grown foods and products are highly valued by those involved in both the production and...
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Prepared by Shannon MacLean, R.H.N., C.H.N.C., BA-IR  Be Specific Using child-centric nutrition phrases has been studied to increase kids’ openness to trying new foods. Phrases such as: “vegetables keep you from getting sick”, “protein helps you learn”, “fish makes us smarter”, “eggs will make you grow stronger”, and (especially effective for aspiring superheroes), “this grass-fed meatloaf...
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