CSNN is proud to celebrate over 25 years as Canada’s Leading Holistic Nutrition School! May is Holistic Nutrition Month, a month-long celebration that highlights our innovative industry and all those who have made exceptional contributions to the field of holistic nutrition.




CSNN was pleased to be a part of the 12th Annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference, presented by the CSNN Alumni Association. This educational and inspiring event took place live in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, and was live-streamed worldwide. You can read more about the event here as well as purchase the 2019 presentations with bonus audio recordings.

The event also recognized and honoured those who have exhibited exceptional work in the holistic nutrition industry within Canada. Congratulations to all the award winners!


Thank you to all those who donated to our food drive at participating branches across Canada. A Holistic Food Drive differs from regular food drives in that the focus is on good quality, organic, and/or non-GMO packaged and non-perishable foods. This helps contribute to our mission of helping everyone achieve optimal health and well-being through natural nutrition. The CSNN Holistic Food Drive was a wonderful success and we could not be more grateful.

CSNN Grad, Seanna Thomas, shares ‘Why We Should All Donate to the CSNN Holistic Food Drive’. Find out why…


CSNN Grads in the Media

We applaud these CSNN Graduates- among many others- who have made exceptional contributions to the Holistic Nutrition industry (click on each image to learn more about each Grad).


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Employer Testimonial

“For the past 9 years I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Liliana Tosic. The knowledge and insight that she brings to our team at anxietycentre is priceless. Many of my clients have benefited greatly from her knowledge of nutrition and health. I have seen miraculous results from working with Liliana including one client that is in remission from Lupus today as a result of her work. When working with anxiety clients it is extremely important that we empower them to make changes not only their cognitive behaviors but also their health and nutrition. Without Liliana’s help, the recovery process would be almost impossible for many of our clients. It is not only her knowledge but her ability to connect with our clients. In addition to her knowledge and experience her life story is one of inspiration to all who have heard it. It is obvious that from growing up in the war torn country of Bosnia that the difficult experience has shaped Liliana into a compassionate nutritionist that wants to see people healed not only physically but mentally and spiritually.” ~Brian Sellers, M.Ed, NCC


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