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Continuing Education

committed to growth

CSNN is committed to ensuring graduates have access to CSNN’s latest curriculum developments. Due to the complexity of the human body and human health, and the growing volume of knowledge in the holistic nutrition field, those in the health care field would benefit from upgrading and updating their knowledge.

In addition to these upgrade courses, Advanced Holistic Nutrition certificate packages and workshops are also available. 

These courses are available for CSNN graduates and other health practitioners to take. 

  • NN103B Motivational Interview Skills
  • NN104A Hormone Health
  • NN107A Biochemistry & Epigenetics
  • NN115 Introduction to the Practical Use of Herbs

*Students who achieve 80% or higher will receive a certificate.

Why Take These New Courses?

  • Upgrade your knowledge in holistic nutrition
  • Add to your knowledge and skills
  • Enhance your competitive edge as a practitioner
  • Work effectively with other practitioners in the health care field