Distance Education: Sample Lesson

To give you some insight into what you might expect to receive in the way of study materials please follow this link to the sample lesson.There you will find an excerpt taken from the workbook for NN101 – Fundamentals of Nutrition. With few exceptions, you will be provided with similar materials for each course covered.

Each workbook is designed in such a way as to, as much as possible, replace an instructor by separating for you the ‘need to know’ information from the ‘nice to know’ information. Thus you will be encouraged to work your way through the workbook, together with the text book, concentrating on those areas which our curriculum writers deem to be the most important. For example, in reading the instructions you will be advised to “Please read Chapter One now.” You will then find questions to answer and/or exercises to complete, based on the information in Chapter One.

You may find that you are not guided to every chapter or every page in every text. In some cases that is because some areas of the text are used for another course or, it may be that the skipped parts are not deemed to be ‘need to know’.

Once you have completed all of the lessons in the workbook you will move on to the open book test and/or assignment which follows.

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