What Clients Are Saying About CSNN Graduates

Jackie: Client of Jessica Mitton, R.H.N. jessicamitton.com

“Consulting with Jessica is one of the best things I have done for my health. I never realized before how important digestion and gut health is to one’s overall well being.”

Read Jackie’s full testimonial at jessicamitton.com/kindwords.

Gabrielle (age 21): Client of Susan Kingston, R.H.N.  skingstonnutritionmontreal.ca

“It’s normal, everyone feels the same, and it’s just something you ate today. Everyone around me kept telling me these kinds of the things every time I complained of feeling bloated, having cramps and gas. This all started when I was about thirteen years old, by the time I was 21 years old, I couldn’t bear it anymore. But before I go into my symptoms, let me tell you a little bit about my lifestyle. I have always eaten quite well, lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, by the time I was nineteen I also cut out gluten and eventually lactose. I have also always been very active, from running to yoga, boxing, essentrics, you name it I did it. Of course I also occasionally indulged in sweets, alcohol, chips, ice cream and so forth, but not on a regular basis.

All my problems really peaked after a trip. After a one-month trip in Indonesia where I had to take multiple types of antibiotics (doctor’s order) and vaccines complemented with a fair amount of alcohol and junk food, I came back sicker than ever. My energy levels were low, waking up even more tired than the night before. I was scared of eating, as I felt extremely bloated immediately after. I was reacting to everything I was eating, and it became problematic in social situations, there’s nothing worst than feeling constantly bloated for your self-esteem and your mood. A few weeks after coming back from Indonesia I also started having urinary tract infections, repeatedly, once again the doctors prescribed antibiotics and I felt sicker and sicker, each day that passed. I tried everything, cutting out alcohol, carbs, sugar, lactose, gluten, but nothing really seemed to fix my problem, or I wouldn’t be rigid enough to really see the benefits, dealing with all this when you are 21 years old can be quite overwhelming.

I started reading books about health and reading blogs online to figure out what was happening to me. My symptoms where pretty broad as I had been dealing with this for such a long time, and I couldn’t figure out if I had IBS or food intolerances. After yet another visit to the doctor, I told her I thought I had IBS or a candida overgrowth in my gut, she told me the candida overgrowth was impossible to have at my age and that if I had IBS there wasn’t anything I could do except take probiotics. I went to see a gastroenterologist and after getting a few tests done, he told me I also had nothing and tested negative to celiac disease (gluten). These answers weren’t working for me, there was NO way I would spend my life feeling this way. Although everyone told me I had to trust doctors and that they were the only ones that could help me, I decided to look into holistic medicine, that’s when I came upon Susan Kingston’s website. I called her immediately and booked an appointment.

This was probably the best decision I ever took, as from that point on my life changed completely. [Turns out I had a digestive disorder that led to inflammation in my gut.] This inflammation led to weight gain, bloating, gas, undigested foods in my stool, mood swings, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, acne and an overall bad absorption of all my nutrients and vitamins. Basically anyone’s worst nightmare, after years spent in the unknown and frustration, I FINALLY understood what was going on with my health. The protocol was pretty rigorous at first, but I was willing to do anything as I was in so much pain, within a week I already felt SO much better, and after six months I felt like a new person. Was it hard? Yes, did I cheat? Yes (try not to go out or drink alcohol when you are 21 years old and try explaining to your friends you have a candida overgrowth in your gut without them looking at you like you’re an alien). I also stopped taking the Pill as it was absorbing most of the nutrients I needed to heal my gut. Its been exactly a year now and I can’t believe how different I feel, my nails are strong, my skin is glowing, I still experience a bit of bloating when I don’t eat things I should, but I don’t react to everything I eat; I have energy, I am absorbing what I am eating, therefore no more crazy cravings, mood swings, my weight has stopped fluctuating so much and my inflammation and water retention has significantly reduced. Although my journey to optimal health is still ongoing, and it will take time as I spent so many years destroying it, I can’t even imagine what my health would be like today if I had not met Susan. Thank you so much!”