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CSNN Online Learning

Online Distance learning

Welcome to CSSN distance learning.

Learn to change lives

Rooted in science and ancient wisdom, CSNN offers one of the most in-depth, practical, positive educational experiences in the industry. Our knowledgeable academic advisors (many of whom are practising Holistic Nutrition professionals) provide you with hands-on training with a practical application of knowledge and expertise in real case studies.

Learn to change lives

In the Distance Education format, there are no deadlines for class completion or assignment submission. The online study format allows you to maintain your busy schedule and prioritize your studies accordingly, while your progress is monitored and help offered if needed. Plus there are no geographical barriers – CSNN has graduates all across Canada and in 29 countries around the globe.

After you graduate, you are supported by a strong Alumni Association. Enjoy business mentorship, career strategy networking and interviewing tips, website building and more.

Graduates of our Natural Nutrition Program qualify for professional membership in the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals and the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Prractitioners. Graduates who complete the Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops AN106 and AN109 also qualify for professional membership in the National Association of Nutrition Professionals in the United States.

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