London: Faculty

Joni Yungblut, R.H.N. – Licenced Branch Manager

Joni YungblutJoni Yungblut – Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional, Organic Master Gardener and Personal Trainer – is the Licensed Branch Manager of the London Branch of CSNN and is affectionately called “Mother Dove” by her students for her heartfelt (and silly) analogy of setting her students free to change the world!

Growing up in rural Ontario, Joni developed an interest for the outdoors and exploring nature early on. Already stubborn and headstrong, she became a baseball fan and fine-tuned her skills to keep up with her 2 older brothers – and has won many team championships and personal sports awards over the years. She is an avid fitness enthusiast, participating in competitive baseball and beach volleyball year round.

Joni attended Conestoga College for Police Foundations, but due to poor eyesight, was unable to get into policing. So she opted for a career as a Private Investigator and worked mainly in the field of white-collar crime and fraud. Although the work was fascinating, it did not fulfill her personally.

At 16, Joni lost her father to cancer. With her own diagnosis of IBS and ongoing struggles to manage the disorder, she was concerned for her future health…until she walked into a health food store one day and asked for help. The advice she was given changed the course of her life as she discovered a new way to restore her body through holistic nutrition, lifestyle changes, and a positive shift in mental thinking. She was told about the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and hasn’t looked back.

Joni knew it was time to make a career change – one that would fulfill her spiritually and speak to her need of helping others. She graduated from CSNN in 2004 with Honours and immediately started her nutrition practice. She worked daily with her clients until she opened the London Branch in 2006.

Joni has a wide range of knowledge on nutrition, athletic performance and injuries, weight loss/gain, cancer, hormonal imbalances, vitamins and minerals, natural healing alternatives, and herbal medicine. She has completed additional education on Natural Health Care for Pets and has completed the Certified Master Organic Gardener certification.  Joni has a hobby farm where she grows her own organic food and raises free-range heritage breed chickens. She is a published author and proud to be part of a school that continually thrives to bring the best education to their students and opportunities for graduates, and loves going to work every day to see the excitement on the students’ faces as they learn.

You’ll often find Joni teaching Fundamentals of Business, Sports Nutrition, Nutrition Literature Research, as well as numerous practicals. She also works on writing projects and is happy to report she now has 20/20 vision.

Heather Bulckaert, B.A., R.H.N.

Heather BulckaertHeather has always been passionate about what she eats. As a child, she was a picky eater and as a teen, she struggled to find the balance between food and body image. After years of under eating, over exercising and always feeling mentally overwhelmed, she was able to identify the important connection between the mind and the body. This holistic realization led her to complete her BA in Psychology at the University of Windsor.

After years in the corporate world, Heather was driven to feed her passion for nutrition and earned the R.H.N. designation from CSNN in 2010. The experience and the education have been life-changing. Heather continues to work in Program Management, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional and a teacher at CSNN in London, ON, teaching Fundamentals of Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, and Preventative Nutrition. She loves watching the transformation in the lives of her students.

Now, a mother of two little girls, having the knowledge to raise them with optimal nutrition choices and a healthy body image is the greatest benefit. Her husband has been her nutritional “guinea pig” for years; suffering from IBS throughout life and is now symptom-free. The health changes in herself, her clients and her husband are a true testament to the power of food.

Heather loves to be with her family, go for a good run (mental therapy) and experiment to create new, healthy recipes. She is passionate about continuously educating people so that they can live their best life.

Vanessa Case, R.H.N.

Vanessa CaseWhile suffering from IBS and eventually Crohn’s Disease for over 12 years, Vanessa struggled with frustration with our health care system. She began to explore and implement natural nutrition practices and holistic therapies. The turn around in her health was UNBELIEVABLE!

Today she is symptom-free and living with energy and vitality. Wanting to find a way to help others achieve this level of health by tapping into nature’s resources and innate healing ability, she returned to school after completing her Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2003.

She is now a successful Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional and owner of Our Natural Connection in London Ontario. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to CSNN London as an instructor for Fundamentals of Nutrition, Symptomatology, and Lifecycle: Pediatrics. Vanessa also teaches some of the Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops. Her office is located on site.

Maggie Chilton, R.H.N., BA (Hons)

Maggie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and a sleep and hormone specialist. Maggie’s interest in holistic nutrition started when her youngest son was having speech and learning difficulties at 3 years of age. After finding the Weston A. Price diet and following its principals, within 3 weeks her son said his first sentence. Since then, Maggie’s passion for an alternative and holistic way of life has grown energetically and led her to specialize in sleep and hormones with regard to perimenopausal women.

Maggie graduated Valedictorian in 2016 and was awarded the Danielle Perrault Trailblazer Award in 2017. As a sleep and hormone specialist, she helps perimenopausal women discover how to sleep well again, lose weight and go through this life transition with ease and grace. What she is most passionate about is working with women to love their lives, understand what is going on in their hormonal bodies and get back to listening to what their bodies are telling them in order for them to live the life of their dreams. Maggie also has a weekly podcast called The Ultimate Perimenopause Podcast along with a YouTube channel where she is part of a Holistic Health Hub panel.

You can find Maggie teaching Body-Mind-Spirit, Alternative/Comparative Diets, Fundamentals of Business and several practicals at CSNN London.

Cara Janzen, H.BCS, R.H.N., Certified Metabolic Balance Coach

Cara Janzen has been a passionate Registered Holistic Nutritionistprofessional since 2015. She has a background in Biological Sciences and Psychology, with a minor in Chemistry after graduating from the University of Windsor in 2010. Following the completion of CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Program nnsymbol, Cara continued on and completed training to be a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach in 2016.

Cara is the Owner of Radical Nutrition, where she coaches and educates her clients, through radical transformations in their health. She loves sharing her knowledge with everyone she has the opportunity to ‘talk nutrition’ with. She values putting the power back into her clients hands when it comes to their health goals through effective education and programs. She utilizes the amazing, beneficial powers of food to balance hormones, reset bodily functions and achieve amazing overall optimal wellness. The unlimited possibilities for healing that can happen when you consume the foods that are right for your body is truly remarkable. Cara also leads various workshops intended to bring information to people in practical, interactive ways. She has also joined forces with a wellness center to offer cooking and other various workshops in her community.

Cara is excited to have the opportunity to teach the students at CSNN and help train the next Holistic Nutrition practitioners to help change the world of Health and Nutrition. She teaches the Nutrition Literature Research class as well as various practicals.

When Cara is not coaching, experimenting with food, teaching or sharing her knowledge, she is spending time and loving on her son.

Caroline Korvemaker, R.H.N., HCA

Caroline started her education in the healthcare field with interest in animal health, taking a year of Equine Massage Therapy studies, followed by two years of education at St. Clair College to become a Veterinary Technician. She graduated in 2011 with honours and two awards for academic and clinical excellence. Caroline developed a love for teaching while working for the St. Clair College Tutoring Services for multiple science and medical based courses. Afterwards, she decided to go back to her roots in alternative health and graduated from CSNN London with her R.H.N. designation in 2012. She earned her certification as a Holistic Chef for Animals via the Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness the same year. 
On her journey towards motherhood, Caroline obtained additional certifications in Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation, as well as Children’s Nutrition through Cadence Health in Australia in 2015. This journey blossomed a love for supporting the health of children from the very beginning and helping parents learn how to give their children the best possible start in life.  
Caroline thoroughly enjoys helping others learn, and has a passion for science and understanding how the body works. She hopes to have an impact on beginning the cycle of healthy eating in the lives of everyone she assists, especially in children. She enjoys trying and modifying new recipes, time outdoors, and being a mom to her avocado loving “Holistic Nutritionist in Training” daughter.
Caroline teaches Fundamentals of Nutrition, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Symptomatology II, and Nutrition Literature Research.

Denise Lalonde, B.A., R.H.N., Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach

‘’Health-Strength-Fitness is what I live and love’’

Denise Lalonde is a busy entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry and a devoted Mom to two amazing humans.

Denise’s lifetime commitment to her own fitness and wellness was the catalyst to pursuing a long list of professional Fitness Certifications.  After many years of working in the fitness industry and recognizing how essential nutrition is to optimizing results for her clients, becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional was a natural evolution for Denise.

Denise graduated with honours from CSNN in 2011 and has enjoyed working with a diverse client load as a sole practitioner, running a dual fitness and nutrition business.  Denise’s area of specialty is working with youth athletes as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sport Nutritionist.  Denise’s passion for teaching is evident in her relationships with her students, in the classroom and in the gym!

Denise teaches Sport Nutrition, Anatomy + Physiology, and Culinary Certificate courses at CSNN.  Denise is also a Published Author, Public Speaker, and Essential Oils Educator.

Michelle Pierce Hamilton, BA, PMP, R.H.N., Tea Sommelier®, Reiki Master/Teacher, IET® Master/Instructor

Michelle Pierce Hamilton is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professional, Certified Tea Sommelier, and healing arts practitioner and teacher. As an instructor at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Michelle teaches Body Mind Spirit and Lifecycle Nutrition classes.  Michelle’s business acumen is as a Project Management Professional (PMP), delivering corporate and clinical projects for London Health Sciences Centre part-time.  However, at the heart of her passion, nutrition meets with quality loose leaf tea! Michelle is the owner/founder of London’s nutrition-based specialty tea brand, beTeas Inc., and co-owner of The Tea Lounge on Piccadilly Street in downtown London.

An educator at heart, Michelle also instructs the Tea program at Fanshawe College and remains current on the latest research on tea and human health. She is a renowned speaker at tea festivals and conferences on topics of tea and health and is a collaborator on new tea and nutrition research with Montana State University.  In her personal life, Michelle enjoys the outdoors with her husband, 2 awesome children and the world’s cutest dog, Otis the Jug!

Laura Rideout, R.H.N.

Laura’s passion for nutrition was reignited when her father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She knew nutrition played a huge role in the prevention of disease and was determined to learn more about it.

She graduated the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) with the honour of being Valedictorian for the graduating class of 2016. Since then, she has been on a mission to spread the importance of gut health to all that will listen.  

She is the co-founder of Culture Shock Kombucha, Lambton Shores first and only kombucha brewery that is located in the heart of Grand Bend. She is also the founder of Wholistic Wave, an online business where she works with women to improve their digestive function.  

Laura is a brand ambassador for Genuine Health, conducts nutrition talks at all Farm Boy locations in London, Ontario and she speaks publicly at places such as Vegfest Sarnia, Fanshawe College and various health food stores, such as Fiddleheads and Goodness Me.

In 2018, she was nominated for two awards in the holistic nutrition industry: the ‘Danielle Perrault Trailblazer award’ and the ‘Julie Daniluk award’. She is also a certified personal trainer and First Aid & CPR instructor/trainer.

Laura loves living in the country just 5 minutes off the coast of Lake Huron where she and her husband raise their 3 children. They have an huge organic garden and multiple fruit trees that keep them busy throughout the summer and into the harvest season.

Laura is a proud faculty member at CSNN London where her passion and enthusiasm shines as she teaches Eco-Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition and various practicals.

Alla Vallejo, R.H.N., R.BIE

Alla Vallejo’s interest in nutrition began when she realized the effect that food and dietary choices had on the health and well-being of her son as well as her own.  Over time, her interests grew to include holistic healthcare and understanding the importance of considering the health of not only one’s physical state but also mental and emotional health, along with other layers of what would constitute a healthy human when seeking answers to health-related concerns.

Alla graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with Valedictorian Honours in 2007, followed by completing the Bioenergetics program at the Institute of Natural Health Technologies in Oakville, Ontario. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Bioenergetics Practitioner, Alla is able to help her clients optimize their health through nutritional guidance and bioenergetically correcting homeostatic imbalances in the body. She supports her clients through teaching them to manage allergy symptoms, correct hormonal imbalances, address weight loss, and other health concerns.

Some may recognize Alla as the co-founder of Inspired Health by JanAlla, a holistic health practice that operated from 2008 to 2012.  Inspired Health sought to provide nutritional counseling, massage therapy, digital pulsewave analysis, and energy healing modalities to clients seeking alternative and complementary healthcare techniques.

In April 2012, Alla launched her own practice in the Wortley Village area of London, Ontario where clients see her for various reasons, including testing and re-balancing of food and environmental sensitivities in an enjoyable and informative way. By overcoming her own struggles with digestion (after unfortunately having her gallbladder removed back in 1996), Alla is now able to help her clients make informed decisions, as well as facilitate customers with appropriate supplement choices in a local health food store setting, where she also enjoys working part-time for the past 10 years.

In addition to operating her practice, Alla teaches several courses at CSNN London, including Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology & Nutrition, Allergies, and Perspectives on Aging.

Danielle Van Wyk, R.H.N, R.BIE, CCHP

Danielle Van Wyk

Danielle Van Wyk is an honours graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she obtained the R.H.N. designation with accompanying professional title, Registered Holistic Nutritionist™. She then specialized in Oakville and became a bioenergetics practitioner. She loves people and enjoys helping anyone through their life in any way possible.

Within her practice, allergies, women’s health, digestive disorders and pediatrics are a strong area of interest. She has been a part-time teacher at CSNN in London since 2007.

She is a wife and a proud mama to three handsome boys, Isaiah 7, Ezra 4 and Elias, 5 months. She enjoys cooking, baking, doing family life, and mentoring people spiritually through life. She loves the outdoors and always looks forward to planning her next vacation and mission adventure.

Danielle teaches Allergies and Pediatrics at CSNN London. 

Jen Weare, R.H.N., Belief Clearing Practitioner

Jen is Registered Holistic Nutritionist and vegan transition coach. She is the owner of Hol:Life Hub, a plant-based nutrition practice with a mission to inspire, motivate and educate people plant-powered on natural nutrition and everyday wellness. Jen graduated with merit from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2017 and received her diploma in Natural Nutrition.

After she had her first daughter she realized that her stressful corporate job was no longer serving her or her family.  So she decided to transition into the alternative healthcare field, first working for a Chiropractor and then moving onto a Naturopathic office.  This environment only helped to fuel her passion for alternative therapies and natural wellness. Jen was eager to learn as much as she could in order to ensure that her daughters, husband and herself could live has healthy and happily has possible.  And that’s when she looked to CSNN to help guide her in her quest for knowledge.

Jen’s passion is helping people successfully transition to a plant-powered lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed or deprived. And as a Belief Clearing practitioner, she helps her clients uncover those limiting beliefs that are holding them back from their goals.Jen’s honest, down-to-earth,  personal approach to food & health is all about keeping things simple, easy and realistic. She loves to cook and test out recipes on her very patient husband and kids. She also has 2 dogs and a cat, and loves to go camping and hiking. You can usually find her digging in her garden in her free time. 

She has contributed to several online publications as a Nutrition Expert including and PopSugar, and has worked with numerous companies on partnerships and collaborations. And she has just a free veggie-support group called Vedge Club to help those in the process of adopting a plant-powered lifestyle.

You can find Jen teaching Fundamentals of Nutrition and Hormone Health at CSNN London.