• Heart Healthy Foods – The heart is the powerhouse of the cardiovascular system. Michelle Waithe, R.H.N., reveals how to create a whole foods based diet with heart healthy foods that have four characteristics in common.
  • Heart Health all Year Round – “Winding down from the holiday season is an excellent time to treat your cardiovascular system with some extra TLC.” Carol Pillar, R.H.N., offers some tips for a healthy heart year-round.
  • 5 Things to do Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy – ‘Breathe easier by following these good habits’ via the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Meditation May Help Against Heart Disease, Says American Heart Association – The AHA says that “people interested in improving their heart health should consider [meditation], as long as they are doing the other things that have been scientifically shown to lower heart disease risk.”
  • Sugar Has No Power – Milka Milicevic, R.H.N., shares why “you should try and reduce your intake of added sugar (especially the white stuff) as much as you can to experience the difference it can make to your health, energy, and well-being.”
  • 3 Ways a Healthy Gut Impacts Heart Health – “New research has found some cardiac conditions can be linked to our gut microbiome.” Discover how ‘better gut health could be key to preventing cardiovascular events’ via Healthline.
  • Uncovering the Connection Between Sleep and Heart Health – Discover more about the possible link between sleep and heart health via Harvard Health Publishing.
  • 3 Kinds of Exercise that Boost Heart Health – Being physically active is a major step toward good heart health. Learn how to ‘balance your fitness plan to get all the benefits’ via Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • A Holistic Approach to High Blood Pressure – What are the warning signs and causes/risk factors of high blood pressure or hypertension? Maha Nasr, R.H.N., shares a holistic nutrition approach to this “silent killer”.
  • Free Yourself From Stress – Did you know that stress can contribute to heart disease? Amy Longard, R.H.N., shares some stress management techniques to help you nip stress in the bud.
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease among South Asians – The late Lovepreet Dhunna, R.H.N., shared some insight into metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease among South Asians, with recommendations you can start doing today.

Recommended Resources:

  • Nutritional Guide to Fats and Oils – When it comes to heart health, which fats and oils are good for us? Download a free ‘Guide to the Best Healthy Fats and Oils & Their Uses’, prepared by Ashleigh Grange, R.H.N.

Seasonal Recipes:

  • Wholesome Chicken Bone Broth
    The health benefits of bone broth are numerous. Jessica Mitton, C.H.N.C., shares her recipe for a ‘delicious, nutritious and versatile chicken bone broth.’
  • How to Make Healthy Chocolate Fudge
    Viktoria Jones, R.H.N., shares her recipe for this treat made with all natural ingredients.
  • Decadent Chocolate Pâté
    Ricki Heller, R.H.N., shares her 4-ingredient recipe for a healthy version of traditional  pâté, with some ingredients that provide benefits to the heart.

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