• How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil – “Depending on whether you plan to bake, broil, grill, fry, deep-fry, or roast, different cooking oils will produce different results.” Petra Scott, R.H.N., shares her recommendations on choosing the right cooking oil.
  • How to Read Nutrition Labels – “It’s important to know what we are putting into our body!” Monica Mander, R.H.N., shares some tips to help you understand nutrition labels.
  • Save Money While Eating Healthy – Want to eat healthy and save some money? Lisa Chilvers, R.H.N., shares 6 easy actions that may save you money at the grocery store.
  • Eat Better, Fuel You Life, and Invest in Your Health – “Forget calories, and eat real whole foods!” Sara Binder, R.H.N., tells us how to invest in our health.


  • CSNN Mississauga Virtual Kitchen: Visit csnn.ca/mississauga/virtual-kitchen/ each month where the branch will highlight an ingredient, dig deeply into nutrition, provide meal prep tips and tricks, include seasonally-inspired recipes and more… all fully-tested and family approved.
  • The Pure Life Website: Visit thepurelife.ca for kitchen tips, recipes and lots of inspiration for living a holistic life from Sisley Killam, R.H.N.
Inside a Holistic Nutrition Kitchen:

Seasonal Recipes:

  • Warm Winter Spinach Salad
    CSNN graduate, Jessica Pecush, shares her warm winter spinach salad recipe filled with plenty of dietary fiber, along with some protein and fat.
  • Quinoa Salad
    Not sure what to make for dinner? Check out this easy quinoa salad recipe from CSNN graduate Viktoria Jones.

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