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CSNN Mission

Through the Education of Individuals;
Through Teaching of the Holistic Philosophy of Health Care;
Through the Simplicity of Wholesome Foods;
Through Respect for Ourselves and Others;
Through Respect for Our Planet; We Will- Heal Ourselves;
Heal Others; Heal Our Planet; and…
Ultimately, Advance the Evolution of Mankind.

CSNN is a leader in providing education that empowers; education that provides for optimum health and a lasting career. As educators, our graduates provide clients with the tools needed to take a preventive and proactive approach to their health, by identifying the source of nutritional deficiencies and outside factors affecting wellbeing.

Regardless of developments in medicine and health sciences, wholesome food remains one of the most essential elements of health and wellness. CSNN’s current science-based curriculum is aligned with unbiased research, and our graduates are qualified to provide individualized holistic recommendations of quality whole foods, lifestyle changes, and supplements on an as-needed basis. 

It is our hope that every health care professional will one day work in conjunction with a Holistic Nutrition professional towards a common goal: preventive or proactive health care through good nutrition.