Vancouver: Corequisites

Designed to enhance the core course work and support student learning, our program features 31 corequisite classes that are taken simultaneously with the regular curriculum. A match made in heaven!

Each class is 3-hours long and focuses on a specific subject or skill. While each class stands alone, we want to highlight our Holistic Culinary Certificate, which is awarded to students who complete all 10 of our whole and natural food preparation classes.

Chew on our offerings below!

CSNN Vancouver Corequisite* Descriptions

Corequisite classes are 31 distinct 3-hour sessions that enrich and enhance the curriculum and affords students the opportunity to develop skills essential to their success in the field of nutrition.

  • Study Skills ~ Meet your new classmates and determine your learning style to study smart.
  • Supplements ~ Understand why and when to make supplement recommendations and learn to determine quality and efficacy.
  • Therapeutic Herbs & Spices ~ Learn medicinal and nutritional properties of herbs and spices along with their therapeutic uses and applications.
  • Interview Skills ~ Learn to use the principles and core skills of Motivational Interviewing to facilitate behaviour change in client’s seeking nutritional consultation.
  • Body-Mind-Spirit Integration ~ Learn to incorporate the Body-Mind-Spirit component into nutrition consultations, written case studies, and your life.
  • Healthy Hormones Part 1 ~ Build on your scientific knowledge and the workings of the adrenal and thyroid glands. Learn to devise specific holistic nutrition protocols to help restore proper adrenal & thyroid function and apply this information to a case study.
  • Ayurveda I & II ~ Learn the basics of Ayurveda in these two 3 hour corequisites. Leave with a clear understanding of the three Doshas. Learn the disease process (stages and symptoms), the science of the six tastes, and be able to identify Dosha balancing foods.
  • Disordered Eating ~ Learn to identify disordered eating and eating disorder patterns. Gain confidence and practical tools to apply to working with people facing these challenges.
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) ~ Learn the fundamentals of this diet, its therapeutic value, and how to implement it.
  • Advocacy & Activism ~ Explore tools and methods used to offer support to individuals and communities advocating for change.
  • Report Study Hall ~ In class time to finish your BMS book report or case studies.
  • Healthy Hormones Part 2 ~ Build on your scientific knowledge of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.  Learn to devise specific holistic nutrition protocols to help restore balance of the sex hormones and apply this information to a case study.
  • Final Exam Preparation ~ Includes a timed 60-minute mock case study. Review the best ways to prepare for the final written exam.
  • Case Study Corequisites ~ A total of 7 sessions (21 hours) dedicated to learning and understanding the case study process. From initial assessments of clients to understanding dietary links and connections to recommendations and follow up.
  • Holistic Culinary Corequisites ~ A total of 10 sessions (30 hours) dedicated to hands-on holistic food preparation that teaches basic cooking skills, techniques, and food therapeutics. Attend all sessions and receive a Holistic Culinary Certificate. Click here for session details.

*IMPORTANT: Students must attend 75 hours (minimum) of the 93 hours of corequisite classes (including 18 hours of Case Study corequisites, which must include Case Study: Follow-Up Visit)