Frequently Asked Questions

Vancouver frequently asked questions

When do you run the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program nnsymbol and for how long?

We have two intakes each year, one in the Spring (March) and one in the Fall (September).

As for how long the program is, you get to choose your own adventure! Here are the options:

1- year program: classes run twice a week (+) and you can choose to attend daytime or evening/saturday classes.
2 -year program: classes run once a week in the evening (+), unless you begin with our Fall intake, which offers a day time option.
Both the 1-year and 2-year programs offer the same hearty content, but have different class schedules. We encourage you to check the Schedules page or contact the school to ensure that you’re choosing the program that most closely matches your aspirations and schedule needs.

(+) Please see question below.

So, I only need to be at the school once or twice a week, depending on the program?

Well, not exactly.

Students that attend the 2-year night program will also be required to attend school an additional evening per week, once or twice per month, in order to meet their corequisite requirements.

And our daytime students will have days when they attend class in the morning and stay for a corequisite class in the afternoon, making it a full day.

We strongly encourage all potential students to spend some time reviewing the Schedule in order to understand the full scope of the program.

I’ve heard there is something called ‘corequisite’ classes that are part of the program. Can you tell me more about this?

We’re happy you asked!

The corequisite classes enhance the core coursework and support student learning, which is why they are taken simultaneously with the 17 curriculum courses in the program.

Currently there are 31 corequisite classes. Each class is 3-hours long and focuses on a specific subject or skill such as: Ayurveda, Therapeutic Diets, Lowering Your Toxic Load, and some include field trips. The highlight of the corequisite program however, tends to be our Holistic Culinary Certificate classes. That’s where students get to dive into things like probiotic drinks, seaweeds, bone broth, and more — hands first!

So really, corequisite is just another name for solid, informative, engaging, nutrition-based learning and fun.

I’m interested in the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program nnsymbol, but have some questions I’d like answered specific to my circumstances.

We know how important it is to make sure that the program is a fit for you on a personal level.

We are pleased to offer potential students a private, in-person consultation with Kate, our Branch Manager or Jenn, our Academic Advisor. And for those who cannot attend an in-person meeting, we are more than happy to answer your questions by phone.

Please call the branch at 604-730-5611 to arrange your appointment.

“I want to register for the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program nnsymbol so what do I do next?”

Fantastic news!

Our registration page has all the documents you need to enroll in the program. Once you’ve fully completed each and every one, please mail, email or drop off the entire package* to our branch office so that we can process your registration.

If you’re an International Student, please click HERE for further details.

*Please note that we are unable to process incomplete registration packages.

“Once I send in or drop-off my completed registration package, how will I know that I’ve been accepted?”

Once accepted, you will receive an ‘Acceptance’ letter welcoming you to the school and confirming your registration, so keep an eye on your inbox!

We endeavour to have applications processed within a week to 10 days from the time of submission.

When should I register?

We encourage potential students to register as soon as possible as our classes fill up well in advance and we like to steer clear of disappointment.

We look forward to receiving your registration package soon!

“Is there any preparation I need to do before attending the first class?”

Great question.

There is some pre-reading to complete before your first course, the details of which will be provided in your welcome package.

Other than that, the best way to prepare is to create a life schedule that will support your need to put time and energy into this learning journey.

“When do I pay tuition?”

Ah yes, the nitty gritty.

Due dates for tuition payment are outlined in the Student Contract, which you can find here.

We are pleased to offer students the following options: full payment, quarterly payments or monthly payments. All details for payment plans can be found in the student contract.

“Can you tell me more about text books- where do I get them and how much do they cost?”

Students receive a complete book list and text book order form with their welcome package. You can make things quick and easy by purchasing all of your text books through the school, or you are welcome to source them yourself. The only text books you will need to purchase directly from us are the CSNN published books.

On average, students will spend $950 on text books. While book prices can pack a punch, most of the Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ professionals on staff still have the majority of these books on their office shelves and use them regularly for referencing. It just feels better when you think of it as an investment, doesn’t it?

“Would I be able to work and attend school?”

We recognize that it isn’t always financially feasible to not work while attending the program or that you may have a job that you don’t want to leave.

So while this tends to be a personal decision, we can tell you that past students have commented that working and attending school was far more challenging than they anticipated.

We estimate you will spend approximately 20 hours per week outside of the classroom for homework and class preparation. If you are working, you will need to be extra diligent in structuring your schedule to complete the expected reading, studying, assignments, case studies, etc. that are required.