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CSNN Vancouver is pleased to offer diverse schedule options for our Natural Nutrition Diploma Program.

While each option of study delivers the same fresh and hearty content, they also have a unique pace and level of intensity. It is essential that you spend some time getting to know the ins and outs of each option.

Set yourself up for success; make sure you pick the option that suits your unique timetable best.

When you select a schedule below, the document will open in a new tab. 

Winter 2021 Schedule

Now introducing a January start date! In our virtual program students have the flexibility to study from anywhere via live-streamed classes.  

Spring 2021 Schedules

Starting April 2021 we are offering students a flexible hybrid program. Providing students the opportunity to join classes either in-person or virtually.

Tuesday/Thursday (Day) 1-Year HYBRID

Wednesday (Evening) 2-Year HYBRID

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