Natural Nutrition Program: General Information


  • 85% of students are satisfied with the length of CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Program nnsymbol
  • 93% of students are satisfied with the subjects in CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Program nnsymbol
  • 92% of  students are satisfied with CSNN instructors
  • 83% of students are confident that they have the tools to practice as a holistic nutrition professional

*Results based on responses from classroom students

The dedicated purpose of CSNN’s teaching is to demonstrate the importance of natural nutrition in complementary health care. The Natural Nutrition Program nnsymbol prepares holistic nutrition professionals in a very practical way to meet this goal through counselling individual clients as well as through community education. Through supervised case studies the students learn to do individual client assessments and to give nutritional recommendations.

The connection between body, mind and spirit is an integral and important part of these studies. It is scientifically demonstrated that our state of mind and spiritual wellbeing affect our physical health. The study of this well-established phenomenon is not linked to any religious creed. It is purely academic and aims to enlighten in a broad way about the effects of life experiences and circumstances, on health.

The Natural Nutrition Program nnsymbol consists of 19 courses, covering natural nutrition relevant to each stage of life, as well as sciences, research and fundamentals of business. It provides a strong foundation for a career in the complementary health industry. Well-qualified teachers and dedicated managers ensure that your experience at CSNN will be successful and worthwhile.