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I chose CSNN to study holistic nutrition due to the positive feedback I got from past alumni. As I was new to the natural wellness space, I wanted a community to support and uplift me. CSNN was exactly that. I found the teachers to be very informative while maintaining a more hands-on and discussion-based learning approach which I greatly appreciated. I couldn’t be happier with the practical knowledge gained from CSNN and the lifelong friendships built. 

Katie McKersie, R.H.N.
Class of 2021

CSNN provided me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge, skills and understanding with regards to truly embodying a holistic lifestyle, upon realizing that I wanted to pursue formal education in the field of Natural Nutrition. Attending CSNN was a life-changing experience, in that it provided me the confidence and tools to both envision and launch a private nutritional consulting practice. The Natural Nutrition program not only impacted and supported my health on a personal level, but provided me the avenue to be of service to others and impact the lives of others in indescribable ways.

Jessica Pecush, C.H.N.C.
Class of 2017

I chose to study online at CSNN because the program was not only thorough in its curriculum, including specific courses I was looking for such as pathology and pediatric nutrition, but is also from the oldest and most well known nutrition school in Canada. I knew I could trust CSNN to provide an in-depth education while studying and working online. The knowledge learned is extremely valuable for my clients and business, but also for my own health.

Brittany Ford, R.H.N.
Class of 2019

The CSNN program I completed this spring was exactly what I was searching for and needed. As a full time yoga instructor for many years, I was already working in a professional capacity within the holistic wellness field. Now, after completing the program, right from the comfort of my own home, I have acquired the Registered Holistic Nutrition (RHN) designation and have started a new business offering wellness + nutrition coaching to clients here in Ottawa and beyond. I already have clients and I am so excited to grow my business. The program was accessible, affordable and so incredibly informative. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

N. Moine, R.H.N.
Class of 2021

You can build a nutrition consulting practice to help improve client health problems, teach nutritional health courses or programs, work in or with public health agencies and/or with alternative health practitioners. The career options are numerous and diverse. Even if you are not interested in private practice, the CSNN program will provide you with the knowledge to help improve your health and that of your family.

Anna Stone, R.H.N.
Class of 2022

CSNN changed my life, I have been practicing for several years and have helped so many people. I loved the teachings and materials provided. There is great effort put in place for the teachers that are chosen to teach, and many of them have so much experience and knowledge to share. The grading was challenging and I think it should be. I feel empowered to help people and knowledgeable to treat everyone as a unique person. There are many bonus courses you can take after you graduate to specialize your education. I am proud to have the RHN designation. I am proud to be a graduate of CSNN.

Emily Burtnik, R.H.N.

I found a home at CSNN. It was the first time I felt like I was among a group of like-minded people, who all were passionate about health and helping others. I learned so much about the human body and about the impact food can have on all body systems. I graduated in 2014 feeling prepared to start my own business, and still work with clients to this day.

Sarah Klesko, C.H.N.C.

After a year of conducting my own studies on nutrition and wellness, I decided it was time to become accredited. I had my introductory meeting at CSNN, and immediately knew this is exactly where I was meant to be. Being enrolled in the Holistic Nutrition program at CSNN were some of my happiest days. I loved every subject in the program, especially CSNN’s wide approach at not just looking at how our body’s are impacted by our food choices but our mind and spirit as well. The content taught enabled me to start my practice post-graduation with confidence. I felt well equipped and excited to get out into the real world assisting others in their wellness journey. I am forever indebted to the guidance and education offered at CSNN and am proud to be an active CSNN graduate alumni.

Chara Marie Krangle, R.H.N.
Class of 2013

I had decided that CSNN was the school for me. As I began my studies, I started to incorporate more and more of the knowledge I was learning into my daily life. While still balancing my career in finance, I noticed that I had more energy, I was more productive, and my mind was sharper. This made me even more passionate about nutrition and the benefits it can make in my life. I had a decision to make. I could continue my career in finance and continue to learn about nutrition on the side, or I could invest my full attention into nutrition and develop a career from it. Seeing all the positive benefits that it has made in my life; it was an easy decision. I fully embraced nutrition into all aspects of my life.

Nancy Tran, R.H.N.
Class of 2019

I graduated with the class of 2019 and am very grateful for my experience at CSNN. I not only had some of the most educated and experienced teachers, but I also found a community in which I felt I belonged and would become a part of something greater! Coming from a science background, I felt many of the courses were very science oriented and furthermore expanded on topics to dig deeper. I have since began my own business to aide clients with health concerns and health goals and feel competent in doing so. In doing this, and creating wellness teams with other local practitioners, I feel my knowledge is continually validated, not only by seeing improvement in my clients, but also in new research coming out and in discussions with other health professionals. If anyone is interested in the world of holistic nutrition, I would highly recommend CSNN.

Ashley Piwowar, C.H.N.C.
Class of 2019

CSNN changed my life! It gave me an environment where I could talk about my health challenges without feeling judged or weird. It gave me the knowledge I needed to properly take care of myself and finally understand my health condition. It also gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start helping others with similar health conditions as mine. I am now working part-time at the government and part-time as a nutritionist. It feels awesome to help others and to have found a new life’s purpose.

Robert Martin, R.H.N.
Class of 2017

I chose CSNN because of the great impression it made on me. It seemed exactly what I needed, a school based on great principals, balanced and with a mission behind it. I found out it was so much more, and the teachers were fantastic. The staff were supportive from the start and especially after graduation, to help me achieve my goal in helping to change the world!

Alexander Arthur, R.H.N.
Class of 2018

I always had an interest in health and wellness and it continued to grow as I was dealing with some personal health issues. One day I decided that I wanted to focus on my own wellness journey and that’s when I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I chose this school because I found the course hours flexible and I really enjoyed the course lineup. I loved my year at CSNN and I gained a deeper understanding about the power of nutrition and how the body is interconnected. My passion for nutrition blossomed and I wanted to make a career of helping others. The courses were packed with knowledge and all of the teachers were amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Delia Mota, R.H.N.
Class of 2018

When my own health issues were not being solved by allopathic medicine, I turned to nutrition – and it changed my life. I knew I had to help others see that there were answers out there to their health problems – I just didn’t know how. When searching for nutrition schools, I came across CSNN. I knew right away that it was what I was supposed to do and I enrolled almost immediately. My time at CSNN was eye-opening, fascinating, and transformative. I’m so glad that I took my health into my own hands, and that I now have the knowledge, experience, and understanding to help others do the same. I love that there are so many different paths you can take as an RHN, too. I’ve worked in supplement stores, wellness centres, ran two businesses – a healthy smoothie delivery service and nutrition consulting, I work with health food brands to create content for social media, and I now have my dream job as the nutritionist for an amazing company helping people achieve optimal health all over Canada.

Rejan Magee, R.H.N.
Class of 2013

After dealing with a cancer scare in my early 20s, I started to get curious about what I could be doing to make sure I was living my best, healthiest life.  My research eventually brought me to CSNN’s website, and after looking at the course list and all the amazing topics that are covered in the program, I was immediately sold and signed up the next week.  The program was honestly the best investment I’ve ever made. I consider the knowledge I learned to be the most precious gift and I am so honored that I now get to share it with others.

Keyrsten McEwan, R.H.N.
Class of 2009

I chose to pursue holistic nutrition due to going through some personal health obstacles through University. Suddenly my career path and interest changed from Psychology to Nutrition from experiencing first hand the importance of nutrition in how you feel mentally and physically. I chose CSNN because I was impressed with how they were just as serious as I was about quality education and experiences, their full time schedule allowed me to continue to work, and I enjoyed that the classrooms were small so each student could really learn, interact and absorb the material. On Day 1, I thought I had learned so much (all we talked about was water) that for the first time, I actually became really excited to read textbooks and do homework.

Sarah Maughan, R.H.N.
Class of 2009

There is no one size fits all solution to health – both science and holistic health knows that. CSNN was a natural progression after completing my Masters of Science in Nutraceuticals. Combining my scientific background with CSNN’s holistic lifestyle allows me to more effectively help others reach their health goals. I am so grateful I have the knowledge and unique skills to help Canadians through clinical practice, books, blogs and in person on stage.

Allison Tannis, R.H.N.
Class of 2007

I chose to attend CSNN’s Natural Nutrition program through online distance education after I completed a degree in Kinesiology. I was always drawn to food – the colour, texture, and beauty. I wanted to learn more about nutrition and knew, after attending an open house, that CSNN would allow me to do that. CSNN provided me an in depth knowledge of nutrition, but I also gained much more than that. It was an incredible opportunity to learn how overall health is far beyond just the food we eat. Food is so vitally important, but equally important is a balance of mental, social, and physical well-being. In addition, CSNN provided me the foundational skills to build a food styling and photography business that I use to show people how food can be beautiful, delicious, and nutritious.

Beth Bierema, R.H.N.
Class of 2016

I was brought to CSNN by my curiosity with food and how it affected the body and minds of others. I worked in a diet industry while I went to school and felt I was able to help patients with my extra knowledge on nutrition. I love to learn and found CSNN approach easy enough to manage while still working full time during the day and attending class in the evening. It was also inspirational to have like minded individuals around me who also had a passion for nutrition and holistic health.

Bethany Gettis, C.H.N.C.
Class of 2010

I was taking a break from high school teaching and preparing for the arrival of my first baby when I found CSNN. Having already worked in education for about a decade and getting ready to start my own family, I wanted to better understand how food influences learning, growth and behaviour – so it seemed the next logical step. What I started learning at CSNN brought me down a new exciting path and opened my eyes to fantastic new tools that I now use for helping children and families.

Jessica Sherman, R.H.N.
Class of 2007

Having struggled with food and body image issues for most of my life, I knew I needed to heal myself before I could help others. Learning more about food and nutrition seemed like a perfect place to start. Little did I know when I registered, that this curriculum was to transform not only my health, but my entire life. As we entered the Mind-Body-Spirit connection module, my mind was blown and my hope for happiness was restored. The impact of this “awakening” caused a domino effect in all areas of my life, and just a little over 10 years later, I’m living in complete alignment, feeling deeply connected to my authentic self, and am in the best health – physically, mentally and spiritually – of my life. I’m thankful every day for the holistic path this program steered me toward. It’s truly been a gift that keeps on giving!

Kimberley Record, R.H.N.
Class of 2006

The program really fueled my passion for natural nutrition and broadened my outlook on the many possibilities of work after graduation. It really set me up for success because the program touched on many different aspects from the mind, body, soul connection to case studies to science-based courses. I learned so much from the program and still refer back to my textbooks to this day. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the natural nutrition field. Definitely the best program available!

Cassandra Anderson, R.H.N.
Class of 2017

My experience at CSNN was life changing. Coming into the program with health problems I felt there was no explanation for, I learned how to investigate imbalances and search for the root cause to support my body rather than applying short term solutions to manage symptoms. I use this knowledge daily for myself, clients and family members to support them with their health journeys.

Salina Naber, R.H.N.
Class of 2019

What I received from the program, not only exceeded my expectations, but I also gained a supportive community of like-minded friends and future colleagues. All the instructors were professional, well-organized and provided a safe space to open up engaging conversations. Upon completion of every course, I felt very confident to apply what I had learned and was excited to share the knowledge with others in my life. I highly recommend the CSNN program for those who are willing to invest in their future, acquire new knowledge and skills rapidly, and looking to learn from a good school with strong values. Whether you are taking this for interest or to develop a career out of it, CSNN will change your life for the better!

Vanessa Leung, R.H.N.
Class of 2017

I didn’t fully know what I was signing up for when I applied to CSNN. I was working full time with a young family, but I knew that pursuing my passion and curiosity of alternative health was a journey that I had to embark on. After my first class, I remember walking out and having an overwhelming sense of “this is where I am supposed to be” and I haven’t looked back. The support and flexibility from the school made it possible to complete the accelerated part time program while continuing to work full time. I am building my practice as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and I am forever grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to support people on their health and wellness journey.

Mandy Faulkner, R.H.N.
Class of 2017

My experience at CSNN has been a rewarding one. I feel endless gratitude to all my teachers who have empowered me to feel confident in taking control of my health! They have all been very informative and have opened my eyes to the possibility of achieving global health, if only enough of us get out there and educate people about what true health can feel like. This year has been the most life-changing and I look forward to helping others achieve mind-body-spirit wellness too!

K. Collicut, R.H.N.
Class of 2016

Being a very mature student and always having been interested in health and wellbeing, I signed up for the course. I didn’t know what to expect and began the course last September with much trepidation. I needn’t have worried. The teachers were so amazing, the courses so interesting. I was sad to see the year come to an end. It was one of the most interesting, enlightened and beneficial years of my life. I can’t say enough about the school.

M. Moore, R.H.N.
Class of 2015

Life Changing Experiences

I absolutely loved the content and the courses at CSNN. If you have an interest in nutrition and holistic health, you will love this program! The biggest challenge were the case studies at the end but they were definitely worth it! You never really grow and solidify the learnings until you start putting them in practice. The case studies and the final exam really help boost your confidence. I loved the program!

D. Belanger, R.H.N.
Class of 2018

My experience at CSNN changed the way I think about health, not just of humans but also of our world and environment. I was challenged to take on a holistic perspective, to be curious, and to first and foremost listen to clients’ experiences. All of these things have served to provide a foundation for my current career as a therapist.

K. Zikmanis, R.H.N.
Class of 2009

My time with CSNN was by far my greatest education experience. It was exactly what I needed, and I am so happy with my career thus far. I am still in the first year of being an RHN, and I am so excited for my future in this field. I love that there are so many different opportunities for RHN’s, and making my career how I want it is something I am so grateful for.

S. Nesbitt, R.H.N.
Class of 2021

Overall, an excellent course! Full of relevant, up to date, practical information. As a physician, I diagnose (label) an illness, then treat usually with a drug. While studying nutrition I’ve learned to look further, to the cause of symptoms and determine how diet and lifestyle can support the body to heal itself. Quite an eye opener for me!

N. Ecob, R.H.N.
Class of 2010

An educational experience like no other. The [Natural Nutrition] program has enriched my life in ways I had/could not have imagined. This program would be a benefit to all, whether personal or professional. Cheers!

H. Resvick, R.H.N.
Class of 2008

The education that I received at CSNN has changed my life in such a positive way, I live a much healthier lifestyle, run ½ marathons and have a successful nutrition practice helping others achieve their goals in life.

D. Allen, Homeopath, R.H.N.
Class of 2002

Since I started the natural nutrition program I knew that it was my most important school and the best investment of time and money I have made in my life. I was very impressed with how little I knew about food and my body in spite of the fact that I have been working in the food industry my entire life. Every single class made me want to take another step towards changing my diet, lifestyle and my thinking about the world we live in. Special thank you for the Body, Mind and Spirit class, it is such an important part of the school curriculum. I am constantly using the knowledge I gained in this class and through continuous self education and feel tremendous satisfaction when I see the improvements my clients have when I stress the importance of the mind and spirit. Studying part time, I could not wait for another class. I am very grateful to all my teachers and do not see a better way to live life than to teach people the Holistic way of living. They will keep changing my life through their books and workshops which I will be continuously taking to upgrade my knowledge and to bring new information to my clients. I cannot thank enough the Richmond Hill branch manager, Leslie for creating such an understanding, calm and inviting atmosphere in her branch and to every teacher for sharing their vast knowledge and personal experiences with us. With wishes of success and growth.

G. Sergueeva, R.H.N.
Class of 2014

I thank God for the opportunity to study at CSNN. With a degree in Psychology, it is a real asset. The Faculty and staff are excellent and passionate about teaching Holistic Nutrition. It was an amazing experience and an excellent program. I have always been passionate about nutrition and loved advising loved and dear ones how to eat nutritiously. Now, I have the credentials, so that I can legitimately advise others about nutrition and do the work I love.

S. Crasto, R.H.N.
Class of 2013

The course in natural nutrition has enhanced my ability to help both myself and others with the strengthening and healing effects of good eating habits. I have derived much benefit in so many ways, including personal fortification of courage, determination and inner peace. Also, in my work in private counseling and fitness clubs, I have been quite successful in providing advice and encouragement to my clients.

K. Naik, R.H.N.
Class of 2005

I used to be one of millions who thought they led a healthy lifestyle. I chose bran cereals, low fat dairy and exercised regularly. At CSNN, I began to understand the body and its miraculous way of repairing and restoring itself through being given the proper tools – nutrients from whole foods. CSNN drastically changed the way I viewed health. It dispelled all the “health” myths flooding the media and the processed food industry. My health has improved and I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my life. I now educate family, friends, and clients on the vital role whole foods quality organic nutrition plays in the quality and vitality of our lives. Thanks CSNN!

Tova Payne, R.H.N.
Class of 2006