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Holistic Nutrition Industry

Decades ago, the term holistic nutrition was barely known. Today, it is part of the lexicon of the nutrition industry, and is a term well recognized within the health care field as well as among the general population. Even though CSNN acknowledges the important contribution by the pioneers of the holistic nutrition industry, this achievement is due largely to the enormous commitment of CSNN graduates.

Graduates of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s comprehensive Natural Nutrition Diploma Program are dedicated professionals who follow a Code of Ethics, and who educate individuals about the health benefits of natural nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. As per their Scope of Practice, CSNN Graduates do not perform any Controlled Acts outlined in the Regulated Provincial Health Acts. Together with the education referred to above, Holistic Nutritional Consultant professionals support their clients’ wellbeing and assist health care providers to deal with many aspects involved in a client’s health. Due to their level of knowledge, Holistic Nutritional Consultant professionals are valuable contributors to health care and work alongside medical professionals such as chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, and medical doctors. While no governmental regulation exists or is required for Holistic Nutritional Consultant professionals, CSNN Graduates adhere to a Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice and principles learned at CSNN which set very high standards. The science of nutrition is fast evolving and CSNN is well adapted to provide education at the most current levels. What was thought good yesterday may be proven lacking tomorrow so our profession must adapt quickly to keep pace with science.

To date, there are approximately 12,000 CSNN graduates working in several countries. Their number, as well as their education and training, ensure that they are leaders in the industry. The education provided by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition is unparalleled in the holistic field. CSNN offers a curriculum which is standardized across the country, is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure its quality and current relevance. Its ‘Instructor Professional Development Workshops’ also speak well of CSNN’s commitment to educational standards. CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Program and classroom instructional facilities are recognized under the Private Vocational Training Act (Alberta), the New Brunswick Private Occupational Training Act, the Private Training Institutions Branch of B.C. (PTIB) in British Columbia, and the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 in Ontario.

Strong promotion by the CSNN Alumni Association, the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-Pro), and the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP) contribute to the demand for CSNN graduates, not only as practitioners in overall health care, but also as writers, speakers, public educators, researchers, and cooking instructors. After achieving the high standard of 80% in CSNN’s intensive Natural Nutrition Diploma program and national exam, CSNN graduates are encouraged to continue their education by taking CSNN’s Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops. CAHN-Pro, an association for the advancement of Holistic Nutritional Consultant professionals, maintains standards for the profession through its research studies and upgrading requirements for continued board certification. CANNP, Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners, is a well-established  professional organization with a clear focus on business success, delivering outstanding benefits and empowering nutritional counsellors with a collective voice. CSNN graduates are eligible to sit for the U.S National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) board exam.

In the self-regulated holistic nutrition industry, several other organizations offer designations and services. It is the belief of CSNN that a true professional designation should only arise through having a clear scope of practice and through passing qualifying examinations. The professional designation and scope of practice of CSNN graduates, CSNN believes, is better fostered by alignment with associations that have credible standards and that offer genuine opportunities for holistic nutrition professionals. This allows the holistic nutrition industry to be well served and to thrive, for the benefit of our communities.