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Privacy Policy

As a student your name, address, and phone number are kept on file to serve as identification and contact information.  Your birth date is documented for admission requirement purposes (in some provinces a copy of proof of identification is kept on file).  Your student number is kept on file as a reference.  Your information is used to process invoices and receipts. SIN numbers are collected and safely stored for purpose of T2202 tuition tax receipts. Documentation pertaining to advanced standing is also kept on file.  Grades are kept on file indefinitely, in hard copy and electronic format.

These files are confidential and are available only to CSNN Branch Managers, CSNN administrative staff, the Directors, the Registrar, and the student.  Students wishing to view their file may do so under supervision.  This must be prearranged with the Branch Manager.  The law prohibits CSNN Instructors, Managers or administrative staff from disclosing grades, exams, attendance or any information to anyone except the student without their permission.  Grades will not be disclosed on the telephone or by email.  Information may be transferred when a student transfers to another CSNN branch.

When you graduate your student number, contact information, and graduation details are put on a database so that CSNN can mail you your transcript, and  keep you on the official graduates’ list.  Your information remains on the database, as per ministry regulations.   This information may be shared with the CSNN Alumni Association for purposes of the designation registry, with the respective provincial ministries, and with the Disciplinary Committee.  If as a graduate disciplinary action is taken against you because of a code of ethics or scope of practice violation, and legal counsel advises that you are a risk to the public, your name will be shared with the public in order to protect them.  Your graduate information may also be shared with insurance companies that want to confirm your status before they reimburse receipts from your clients.

At times CSNN may conduct surveys.  The purpose of these surveys is to better serve the needs of students, and to maintain the quality of the curriculum and the administration of the school.  These surveys are kept on file for future reference.

There are rare instances where CSNN may collect, use or disclose your personal information without your consent as required and permitted by law, for example 1) to collect a debt owed to us; 2) to meet government tax reporting requirements; and 3) to comply with an order made by a court.

CSNN takes precautions to protect your personal information against unauthorized access.  However, should you have any concerns regarding the collection or use of your personal information, please contact CSNN’s Privacy Officer, Rose O’Leary at (905) 737-8729 or 1-800-569-9938.

CSNN’s website may have links to other Internet sites owned and operated by third parties.  Even though CSNN tries to link to sites that share our high respect for privacy, CSNN is not responsible for the content or the privacy practices of other organizations. We suggest you review the privacy policies of other organizations before providing any personal information. CSNN has the right to periodically update this Privacy policy.