The administration offices for CSNN Distance Education will be closed for the holidays from noon EST December 21 until 10AM EST January 9. We cannot guarantee that registrations received after 4PM EST December 15 will be processed prior to the closure. If you contact us during the holidays, we will be happy to respond after we return. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Welcome to CSNN Distance Education

Course Methodology

Students at CSNN Distance Education follow the standard CSNN curriculum, and the standard case study requirements and final board exam.

The program consists of 18 courses divided into four modules, comprising approximately 1100 study hours. Students may choose to work on the courses in any order. It is recommended, however, that students work through them in the order given so as to facilitate understanding. All subjects are to be completed within two years of the date of registration. An additional two months will be allowed in which to prepare for and complete the final exam.

Each course comes with a study guide which contains many exercises to work through as the student proceeds to read through the text(s). At the end of each course, students will complete a test paper and/or an assignment.

After successful completion of all subjects, each student must pass a final proctored examination (fee applies) before the diploma will be awarded. The student is responsible for locating an appropriate proctor for this examination, subject to approval by CSNN.

Students must obtain a final grade average of 80% in order to be awarded a diploma. The final mark will be determined as follows:

  • 50% based on final exam grade
  • 20% based on five marked case studies (10 submitted in total)
  • 30% based on average grade for all other courses studied.