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Welcome to the Distance Education Branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Go Beyond Health Coaching to Become a True Holistic Nutrition Professional

CSNN’s 2,100 study hours contain a solid foundation of cutting-edge science, and include 900 hours of real-life case studies, as well as over 200 hours of video lectures with course instructors. Our program enables you to facilitate deep, lasting life changes for your clients. At CSNN, we do not take a cookie cutter approach to health, but instead teach you to consider the biochemical and physiological uniqueness of each individual, allowing you to create supportive health programs specific to each client. Our expert instructors (many of whom are practising Holistic Nutrition professionals) provide you with hands-on training with a practical application of knowledge and expertise.

Our learning methods include textbooks, interactive exercises, video lectures, recorded and live webinars. You also get direct access to all your instructors.

Study Whenever you Want, Wherever you Are

In the Distance Education format, there are no deadlines for individual course completion or assignment submission. No need to schedule your life around classes. You decide how to prioritize your studies around your work/life commitments at times that are convenient for you. With the exception of your final exam, which must be completed with a computer, all of your learning materials (apart from text books) are online and fully accessible on any device 24/7. Study from your living room, your backyard, while travelling, or at the beach! Anywhere in the world where there is internet, you can work on your program.


Natural Nutrition Diploma Program

Holistic Culinary Workshops

Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate

Individual Nutrition Courses

Natural Nutrition Introduction Certificate

Advanced Holistic Nutrition Workshops

Passionate about food, health and wellness? Turn it into a career in holistic nutrition.  

At  Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) Distance Education, all of our instructors are chosen for their expertise, knowledge, clinical experience, hands-on approach to education and passion for holistic nutrition that empower you – body, mind, and spirit. The course curriculum is prepared by subject matter experts who develop the high level of education you, as a student, expect and deserve.

CSNN is the industry leader and the largest holistic nutrition school in Canada. We offer:

  • Natural Nutrition Diploma Program, a three-year diploma program consisting of 2,100 study hours with a solid foundation of cutting-edge science, including 900 hours of real-life case studies, and 200 hours of video lectures with course instructors. Graduates receive a diploma, a professional designation and title (according to province), and a strong foundation for a fulfilling career in the complementary health industry.
  • Holistic Culinary Certificate, a series of holistic food preparation and tasting classes that teach basic cooking skills and techniques. Learn to apply them to foods like grains, legumes, greens, bone broths, and fermented foods. These classes have something to offer everyone, from beginners to more experienced chefs. Students walk away with an enriched skill set in holistic cooking and the knowledge of how it benefits overall health.
  • Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Certificate, a series of fun workshops that gives you a sneak peek into the world of holistic nutrition and provides you with some holistic nutrition tips for you and your family. Learn about a new way to look at nutrition and the role nutrition plays in your overall well-being. You will receive basic foundational knowledge about healthy fats, good digestion, gut health, and much more. No prior knowledge of nutrition is needed.
  • Natural Nutrition Introduction Certificate, an option that provides an opportunity for you to become familiar with both the subject matter and the concept of distance learning, with minimal commitment in terms of both time and finances.
  • Individual Workshops; these single nutrition courses are for general interest purposes and for those who don’t have formal holistic nutrition training but wish to learn more
  • Advanced Holistic Nutrition; Practitioners may earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Advanced Holistic Nutrition (AHN) credits for specialty certificates. Note that Advanced Holistic Nutrition courses are only offered through paper-based correspondence.
  • Continuing Education Courses for CSNN graduates and other healthcare practitioners to upgrade their skills and knowledge and also receive CEUs and upgrade hours

Start your new career today and learn the medicine of the future!

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Practitioner Program
Changing Lives

We are the largest holistic nutrition school in Canada with 11,000+ grads worldwide.

⦁ Multiple classroom locations + online learning
⦁ Practical, science-based curriculum
⦁ Flexible part-time and full-time study options
⦁ Provincially-licensed classrooms
⦁ Active and supportive Alumni Association

The CSNN Natural Nutrition Program trains highly professional nutrition practitioners.

⦁ Earn a diploma, professional designation, and title
⦁ Comprehensive, foundational curriculum with 1/3 being science courses
⦁ Protective Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics and board exam
⦁ Tools to work effectively alongside other health care practitioners
⦁ Receive intake forms, case studies, and practice hours.

CSNN opens many doors professionally and provides ongoing job support.

⦁ Program provides foundation for a variety of careers
⦁ Strong student services and supportive alumni network
⦁ Job board and job support from CSNN’s Alumni Association
⦁ CSNN provides promotional opportunities for graduates
⦁ Access to workshops to upskill and enhance practice for competitive advantage.

CSNN graduates benefit both professionally and personally.

⦁ Personal growth, empowerment, and self-awareness
⦁ Fulfilling and lasting career
⦁ Tools to achieve improved health and energy
⦁ Critical thinking skills
⦁ Learn about eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Why study at CSNN?

After you graduate, you are supported by a strong Alumni Association. Enjoy business mentorship, career strategy networking and interviewing tips, website building and more.

Graduates of our Natural Nutrition Program qualify for professional membership in the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals, the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners, and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals in the United States.

Career Opportunities

A Holistic Nutritional Consultant professional graduating from CSNN is a professional trained in Natural Nutrition and complementary therapies, whose principal function is to educate individuals or groups about the benefits and health impacts of optimal nutrition.

To date, there are approximately 11,000 CSNN Graduates worldwide. CSNN Graduates institute preventive health care programs in private practice or working with other health care professionals. Graduates have established successful practices or have found career opportunities in a variety of sectors including fitness, weight loss, supplements, green industry, government, media, and more. Please read here for more examples of where you can take your career.

You can also read some unique career stories here. This space is growing so check back again later for new stories from our inspirational grads!


“As a fitness trainer for the past 15 years I thought I knew everything there was to know about helping people become more healthy. This program has really opened my eyes in an immense way to the importance of supporting the individuals’ unique nutrient needs through awareness of their own symptoms and lifestyle. By supporting digestion and the body systems in most need, an individual holds the tools to help improve the efficiency and synergy of their organs, in order to see their healthiest potential.”

Kathy J., R.H.N.
graduated January 2020

By blending practical knowledge with hands-on experience in a supportive, student-centered learning environment, CSNN Distance Learning provides an education that is truly holistic. Whether your interest in natural nutrition is based on personal growth, family health, or a professional career choice, we welcome you to join us here.