CSNN Distance Education


I would always recommend in class schooling where possible as it allows for you to interact with your peers and faculty more easily. Having said that, the distance education / online course offers a lot of flexibility which I required with my lifestyle. The faculty were very kind, understanding and knowledgeable. They were reasonably fast responding to direct messages. To explain how I ended up taking Holistic Nutrition goes back many years. I first found out about it when an ex-partner of mine took the course and I helped her study for all her tests, and in doing so, learned a lot. It wasn’t until a few years later when my health was sub-par that I remembered the course spoke about plant based diets and decided to give that a chance. It changed my life. At 32, i was the healthiest i had ever been in my life. Even my seasonal and pet allergies disappeared. I am still a plant based person to this day. It wasn’t until family members and friends started falling ill to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer that i decided i didn’t know enough about nutrition to make an impact in those around me. At that point i remembered the this school and decided to take the chance. I am very glad that i did. There is still so much for me to learn, but this has given me the start i needed, and the support i will still need in the future.
Greg Pym

Greg P.
Graduate, February 2021


Distance education students were asked yes or no to the following and here are their responses
  • 96.5% of students were satisfied with the overall difficulty of the courses 
  • 89.5% of students were satisfied with the clarity of course study notes
  • 92.5% of  students were satisfied with the support received from the admin staff
  • 94% of students were satisfied with the amount of support received from the academic advisors
  • 85% of students felt course tests were fair and adequately tested knowledge of material

*Results based on responses from online students

This program has been amazing! Every course was so interesting, and i’ve learned so much. I feel that I have so much knowledge to share about nutrition, and I can’t wait to get started! The distance program has been great for this busy mom of two kids. I could choose to work on the program when I had time and it’s been a great experience overall!

Teressa A.
Graduate, January 2021

CSNN changed my life for the better hands down! I contemplated for way too long whether or not to follow my passion for health and wellness and coming across CSNN changed that all for me. The ability to study online or at one of their campuses makes it accessible to everyone to achieve their goals! The accessibility of the professors, organization of content and formatting makes this course so enjoyable. If you have been thinking about taking this step, just do it and don’t look back. I promise you it will be for the better! I cannot wait to use this step and change my life and others for the better.

Teegan D.
Graduate, January, 2021

CSNN has been an amazing experience. The program is structured in very efficient way allowing the students to go through every single topic with the right steps and appropriate tempo for learning. The team has been always such a great support every time when I needed them. In the beginning I was concerned about the time zone difference and the distance between us but once I started the program I realized that it is just designed to work well and I was not feeling the actual thousand miles physical distance between us. The additional seminars have always been so interesting and educational – each time dedicated to a very important and hot topic issue, giving another opportunity for the students to dive deeper in the area. I came for knowledge and I am extremely grateful and happy from the knowledge and training I have received at CSNN.

Iliyana M.
Graduate, January, 2021

My time at CSNN has been nothing short of fantastic! The office staff are so friendly, accommodating and understanding. The advisors are wonderful and always very quick to provide feedback and help with any questions I had. I was nervous starting this program, but through the last few years I feel like CSNN has provided me with a fantastic education to succeed in the world of natural nutrition. I would recommend CSNN to anyone looking to begin a career in this field.
https://www.facebook.com/Alex Sauchenko Nutrition

Alex S.
Graduate, December 2020

CSNN Distance Ed is an amazing program! I started it not knowing what I truly wanted out of it but I received so much more, I found my passion and my calling to teach and empower people to take back their health the holistic way. CSNN provided support throughout and allowed you to go at your own pace but still had deadlines to encourage you through. They provide numerous webinars for distant students that don?t have the ?in class? experience and allow them to connect with other students through the education system. I highly recommend this program!

Kyla J.
Graduate, December 2020

I have had the pleasure of experiencing both distance education and in class learning at CSNN Moncton where I began my studies in 2017. I had to move after the first semester but was easily transferred to the distance education program. At first, I missed the structure and socialization, however once I found a routine that worked for me I was hooked on distance education. CSNN gives you ample time to finish all the graduation requirements, and responds to inquires/ provides feedback on assignments promptly. CSNN has not only given me a new wealth of knowledge but has given me confidence in myself to purse my dreams. I am looking forward to upgrading my certifications with other programs and workshops they offer.

Stephanie L.
Graduate, November 2020

I am so glad I took the opportunity to register for the Natural Nutrition program at CSNN. Their Distance Education program allowed me the flexibility to still work and carry out a busy life, and even though it was distant, it sure did not feel like it. My teachers were always one message away, and my classmates within the Facebook group were always so helpful when I needed extra support. The content involved in this program is so informative and really sets you up to be able to help and heal others, as this is the reason many of us are compelled to holistic nutrition to begin with. I can whole-heartedly say that I am so glad I took this program, and would recommend it to anyone wishing to venture down the path of health and wellness. Thank you CSNN for providing me with the tools I need to share my knowledge with others, so they can heal themselves from the inside out.

Kaitlyn G.
Graduate, November 2020

After many years of trying to figure out what I really wanted, I decided to finally follow my passion to go back to school and become a holistic nutritionist. The team and staff through the online learning portal have always been really great, always there to answer all my questions, everyone is very knowledgeble and professional. This was one of the best experiences and I am extremely happy that I decided to attend CSNN. I was able to learn at my own pace (having started this while I was on maternity leave), and I am very grateful for this experience. I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn more about natural nutrition!

Nicole N.
Graduate, October 2020

I recently graduated from the CSNN online program after a two year period of study. Courses were well organized and exams allowed time to read, absorb, and write about the material. My instructors were knowledgeable and quick to respond if I had questions or concerns. In addition, online videos, seminars, and forums provided a place to connect with others and share information. I would highly recommend Distance Education to anyone interested in CSNN. Natural nutrition has most definitely become an overall positive force in my life.

Denise K.
Graduate, October 2020

Thanks to CSNN I have received profession of my dream! I was always fond of nutrition but now my hobby has turned into my profession. My clients trust me as I am a graduate of CSNN. And not only clients – I have recently recieved an invitation to read lectures in a state University about current trends in nutrition and to speak at a conference about ecology in nutrition. I am sure that my decision to study in CSNN was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Olga P.
Graduate, October 2020

I originally enrolled to find answers for my own health (which I did!) and quickly decided to also turn it into a career. I found Distance Education very supportive and the perfect avenue to fit my lifestyle, timeline, and learning style.

Shannyn K.
Graduate, September 2020

I was working at a corporate law firm and had gotten diagnosed with endometriosis. I was given limited options to address my debilitating symptoms and that’s when I turned to nutrition. I knew a little bit but not enough to help my situation so I began researching nutrition schools because I wanted to really get to the root of my health concerns. CSNN came highly recommended by a good friend so I decided to take the online 2-year diploma program. At first I was worried about studying remotely but CSNN sends you everything you need. They give you an outline of how long you should spend on each module and I followed this exactly as instructed and I ended up graduating a few months before my 2-year term was up. Each module is dense with information and CSNN did not fall short in any subject. I have taken many other courses in the past and I have to say that CSNN surpasses all of them in high-quality education. Although I studied remotely, CSNN was always there to answer my questions and concerns. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system. I am happy to say that based on what I learned at CSNN I was able to reduce my endometriosis flare-ups significantly and feel confident to take what I have learned over the past 22 months and help others achieve optimal health. I feel very equipped to begin taking clients due to all of the practice case studies that I experienced through this program. I worked hard and dedicated myself to my studies and am happy to say that during my journey with CSNN I have never felt better about my new holistic path in life. I would highly recommend this program!

Jennifer Z.
Graduate, August 2020

The program at CSNN provided me with the knowledge and skills required to begin my journey into becoming at health and wellness professional. I began the course with a cursory understanding of ‘healthy eating’ and finished the course with a much deeper understanding of how nutrients impact different body systems and how this can be applied to improving an individuals health. I’m excited to continue my learning journey in the health and wellness space, and am thankful for the solid foundation provided by the CSNN Distance Education courses.

Kyle Y.
Graduate, August 2020

I had a great experience with CSNN’s distance education program. If help was needed i received it very quickly. The courses were very in depth but kept me interested and engaged the whole time. I feel confident with the knowledge I gained through the program to start my career. My new found knowledge has really fuelled my passion in this field and I have not lost that fire since starting the program.. Thank you for a great experience.

Liana M.
Graduate, July 2020

Completing the CSNN natural nutrition program was the BEST decision I could have made for me and my family. I was four months into my mat leave, and decided I wanted a change. Almost a decade in the healthcare sector was wonderful, but I still felt like I needed to do more. I started the course thinking I knew all there was to nutrition- boy was I wrong! Each day as my children napped I got to open my mind more and more to the wonderful world I could not wait to be a part of. The program made it so easy for me to study whenever I had a spare chance. I was able to successfully complete the program in just over a year and will recommend the program to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of holistic nutrition.


Hannah G.
Graduate, July 2020

Great curriculum covering diverse topics from agriculture to various health needs depending upon different phases of human life. The academic advisors were very responsive and helpful. The topics were relevant to helping people balance their diet with focus on psycho-spiritual and emotional well-being to provide a holistic view on lifestyle changes. I am much more aware of the relationship between our earth, our food, digestive system, microbiome and our overall health. The saying “You are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm” rings true as we are all interconnected. I love that the course is based on the premise that the body can heal if you give it what it needs, and remove what is getting in its way. Lower toxicity, increase nutrition to reduce deficiencies. Let food by thy medicine!

Cindy W.
Graduate, June 2020

CSNN changed the way I looked at holistic wellness and health in a very positive way. I have learned many exciting things that enriched my knowledge and lifestyle. The distance program was easy to follow and understand!

Sol S.
Graduate, May 2020

It was a great experience with CSNN. In the year 1992 I did my master’s in nutrition in India. First time I studied online (distance learning). This refreshed my knowledge as well as learnt lot. This also assisted me to enter in new world with my laptop & learning computer skills. CSNN staff is extremely helpful. Whenever I get needed guidance, I received immediate and precise responses. I highly recommend students, that you all are in the right place! Journey of this course will change your life. You will be more focused towards better lifestyle and able to encourage others. I’m excited to start my own consulting, I can see that people already started to approach as well encouraging. Thank you so much CSNN and Staff!

Jaya G.
Graduate, May 2020

It’s been the most incredible journey learning and growing with CSNN. I am so grateful that I decided to choose this school, and the online program made it so easy to follow my dreams. The knowledge I’ve gained about holistic nutrition is immense, but it doesn’t compare to the knowledge I’ve gained about myself. Thank you for being such a guiding light – I can’t wait to see where this will take me!

Colleen W.
Graduate, March 2020

I thought this course would be something interesting to take as extra learning. But after the first two ‘try them out’ courses, I was hooked. I needed to know more and I needed to know how I could support my own body. I was ‘uber-fit’. I knew I could feel better from the inside but I didn’t know where to start. This course helped me in so many ways. it was a challenge, but well worth it. I am very excited to share and guide others in their health journey.

Barb H.
Graduate, March 2020

Amazing experience! Great information with great teachers. I feel equipped to educate others and support them in their journey to Holistic health.

Karen W.
Graduate, March 2020

As a fitness trainer for the past 15 years I thought I knew everything there was to know about helping people become more healthy. This program has really opened my eyes in an immense way to the importance of supporting the individuals’ unique nutrient needs through awareness of their own symptoms and lifestyle. By supporting digestion and the body systems in most need, an individual holds the tools to help improve the efficiency and synergy of their organs, in order to see their healthiest potential.
Additional Nutritional


Kathy J.,
Graduate - January, 2020

A great experience and a great school! CSNN offered me an enlightening information packed education that kept me motivated and captivated. Courses where diverse and lead by amazing staff. They offer opportunities in continued education through courses, workshops and materials to continue to grow my knowledge and skills to better assist clients. Thank you! You gave me the skills and confidence to turn a life long passion into a career.

Cortlin R.
Graduate, April 2020

I’m so glad that I decided to pursue the distance education program at CSNN. I learned so much valuable and important information that I will be able to utilize with clients and customers for many years to come. The course work was well laid out and easy to follow without too much need for assistance- and the few times I did require extra help, it was given promptly and freely by the staff. I would recommend this program to anybody that is a self-starter and wishes to grow their knowledge of food and nutrients.

Jess A.
Graduate, April 2020

In the beginning, I was quite surprised at how in-depth the program was. The subjects are presented in a way which layers information, for a continually developing understanding. I enjoyed all the subjects, including the difficult ones, which probably taught me more about myself than the subject itself since, self discipline and motivation was the hardest part of all. I highly recommend not only the required reading, but also the recommended, as it further builds those layers. I feel like I have a solid foundation of understanding of mind, body and spirit to build my career as a holistic nutritionist.

Delina Y.
Graduate, March 2020

I love being able to study on my own timeline. The struggle I had with other educational programs was the deadlines. Sometimes work becomes too busy to allow time for studying. I am grateful to be able to learn about something I am interested in and not have my grades suffer because other parts of my life have to take priority over continuing education and personal interests. I feel a great sense of accomplishment progressing through this program. At other educational institutions I felt bad about myself and my academic abilities for not being able to make being a student my first priority. The administrative staff I have talked to are also incredibly helpful, caring, and knowledgeable, which I have not found at other academic institutions.

Kristine M.
Graduate, May 2019

I am beyond thrilled that I completed my diploma at CSNN. It wasn’t always an easy road, as it can be difficult to work independently through Distance Education, but you always had a helping hand when needed. The teachers were always responsive when you had questions, and the office was always there to lend a hand when they could or offer advice through their own experience. The school has a great science based curriculum to give you that necessary foundation to become a great nutritionist. I highly recommend CSNN.

Sandy K.
Graduate, October 2019

I cannot recommend this program enough. It has completely changed the way me and my family think about nourishment. Even for those who aren’t planning to pursue a career in this field, I think understanding the way the human body works is invaluable in our enjoyment of life. I would have liked to take the program in-class but was happy that there was a more flexible option with online. That being said, I found distance ed very challenging in both understanding the content and staying motivated. I would only recommend distance ed for those who are very self motivated and self sufficient. A very challenging experience, but well worth it!

Nicola D.
Graduate, November 2019

I like that I can take things at my own pace but there are still guidelines on when each course should be completed. I also am very interested in the course material and the textbooks which keeps me motivated.

Chantelle B.
Graduate, April 2019

I am very happy to see that CSNN incorporates the latest research and practices regarding controversial topics, like saturated fats, protein consumption. I also receive a lot of information that is new to me, and very useful.

Valentina M.
Graduate, May 2019

I love how the e-learning portal is set up. Since we don’t have classes, I like how the lessons are organized as questions, which refer back to the textbook.

Besa B.
Graduate, May 2019

I truly appreciate the diversity and depth of the material presented so far. It has truly allowed me to transform my understanding of nutrition and how improve the body’s well-being.

Carolina A.
Graduate, April 2019

The online Facebook community is awesome! Also I am enjoying Sympto 2 because it is incorporating and building upon the foundation of the first 2 texts.

Tanis S.
Graduate, April 2019

I really enjoy that an online program is offered for the people who have to work. I appreciate we are left alone until the student needs help and reaches out. The guidelines are useful too.

Karyl J.
Graduate, April 2019

I like how accommodating the school and administrators are to someone with a disability. I really enjoy the webinars and find them very helpful! I’ve learnt so much already and can’t wait for what’s next to come!

Rebecca D.
Graduate, March 2019

I’m really just enjoying progressing through the program in an area that I have been interested in for so long. Despite having done a lot of reading in this field in the past, I am still constantly learning new things everyday. I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others.

Jody B.
Graduate, March 2019

I am really enjoying the material, in particular the Symptomatology courses. The academic advisors are helpful and I like the discussions on the forums as students can help each other out. Overall, I feel that it is a supportive online learning community!

Julie G.
Graduate, March 2019

The program was a great experience for me. It is a great starting point, very solid information and the teachers are very supportive and helpful. I took an online course, but whenever I needed help, I could always reach out and get either an email on phone support. They are very open minded and acceptive of the new info and alternative rationale. I will continue to learn and will take more courses through CSNN.

Yuliya S.
Graduate, December 2019

I decided to enroll for the online course because it allowed me to study while working full time. The program is really well structured and easy to follow. Even if you are studying from home, you feel supported by the teachers and the community of CSNN. They are here to help you and it shows. I now feel confident to educate people to improve their health through natural nutrition. It was a 2 years of hard work, but so worth it ! Thank you CSNN.

Gabrielle C.
Graduate, December 2019

I really enjoyed the layout of the distance education program. As a post graduate of University I was nervous to take on a program that was completely online as I worried I would not fully grasp all of the concepts. All classes were easily accessible and very well explained. I felt that I developed a detailed knowledge on all subject matter. I really enjoyed my time with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and I look forward to completing more courses in the future.

Carley P.
Graduate, January 2020