CSNN Distance Education


Studying at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition changed my life and completely changed the way I viewed food and overall wellness. I learned how to properly nourish my body so I can live my life to the fullest and it taught me how to share this knowledge with my clients and empower them to do the same. I think this program would be a benefit to anyone! There is so much to learn and the professors at CSNN are an amazing source of knowledge and are always there to help. Every course taught in this program was interesting and easy to understand- I will take this knowledge with me throughout the rest of my life.

Bailey F.
Graduate, January 2022

I just want to say that it was a great program and experience, that is really worth it, The CSNN Teacher are great and they will make sure that you have everything to succeed and they are super friendly. I recommend it to everyone who is interested learning more about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Thank You CSNN!

Pascal G.
Graduate, January 2022

My experience was great! I was very happy with the guidance and support I received through the distance education program. It has allowed to me to expand my knowledge in nutrition and the body as a whole.

Colby P.
Graduate, December 2021


Distance education students were asked yes or no to the following and here are their responses
  • 98% of students were satisfied with the overall difficulty of the courses 
  • 92% of students were satisfied with the clarity of course study notes
  • 96% of  students were satisfied with the support received from the admin staff
  • 95% of students were satisfied with the amount of support received from the instructors
  • 90% of students felt course tests were fair and adequately tested knowledge of material

*Results based on responses from online students

CSNN provided me with the nutritional knowledge I was seeking and more to help me on my health journey. The distance education program allowed me to make my own schedule that worked around my busy life. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue this path.

Lisa R.
Graduate, November 2021

I have learned a lot form CSNN and I also learned how much more there is to learn. What I liked best about Distance Education is the possibilities that opened up before me, as I am from Bulgaria and there is no other way for me to access the knowledge that CSNN provides.

Vanya S.
Graduate, November 2021

 Learned a lot and was super beneficial for core knowledge of the body and how the connection between mind, body and soul is so important.

Danielle B.
Graduate, October 2021

I did a lot of research before I chose where to study nutrition, and I’m glad I did. Studying with CSNN made me feel like I was part of a community, which is a very good thing when you’re studying from home!

Amy L.
Graduate, October 2021

I think the curriculum of the program is very extensive and I liked the variety of modules and the topics. The case studies were tough but a very good training and very important to know how to work with the client’s info and what to recommend. The staff was very supportive. I had almost given up on finishing the program but managed to finish it. The program has changed the way I look at food and knowing how powerful nutrients are is invaluable to me.

Karen D.
Graduate, October 2021

The Natural Nutrition program at CSNN has taught me so many valuable lessons regarding holistic health. It will be a perfect compliment to my yoga studio. Having the knowledge to truly help better live their best life is priceless.

Marie J.
Graduate, September 2021

I originally started at CSNN to help support and develop my own health journey and left feeling more passionate and empowered to help educate others about their health and well-being . CSNN taught me to appreciate the connection between our mind, body and spirit when it comes to the bigger picture of our health and understand that nutrition is not a one size fits all practice. The distance education platform worked really well with my daily schedule. It was flexible (especially while navigating a pandemic ) and the resources to help you feel successful were amazing! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Sarah R.
Graduate, June 2021

I was stoked to have the opportunity to attend CSNN even though I live in a small community as the online schooling made it practical! Just like many other students I came from a place of trying to figure out my personal health struggles, but then became fascinated with truly understanding what is going on within our whole being and how the digestion system is really the root of wellbeing. I came ignorant, overwhelmed, and discouraged but I left with confident and energy to share with passion this way of vibrant healthy living.

Danika V.
Graduate, June 2021

CSNN was a great program. I was reluctant over the years to reach out to teachers but when I finally did I was beyond happy with the feedback and guidance. They are very kind and helpful! CSNN has given me an opportunity to utilize my passion and hopefully drive my career!

Amy V.
Graduate, June 2021

Hi, my name is Eva, I am 64 years old and graduated from CSNN Distance Education in May, 2021. I worked as a Registered Medical X-Ray Technologist until I had an acute inhalation injury to construction dust and mould at work, which made me very sick. Because the medical doctors were unable to help me “to survive mould”, I started my own research how to recover. In doing so, I thought I might as well get a certificate for all that I learned. That is how I found CSNN. In the program, especially in Nutritional Pathology, there was all the information about the conditions I had and nutritional support/detoxification needed. I thought the doctors, who claim that they had not learned these things at the university, should take the CSNN program. The program was the biggest help in my seven years journey of self-recovery. The program instructors were awesome, especially for getting ready for the finals. I got lots of encouragement and support. I worked in the medical profession for 45 years and this program was the “integrative” part of my training. Whether you want to help yourself or want to help others, this is a great program. Health and wellness will always be in style!

Eva I.
Graduate, May 2021
I graduated from CSNN Distance Education in June of 2021. I’ve been very interested in nutrition for over 50 years and wanted to finally get professional training to give credibility and structure to my lifelong passion. I looked for years to find a highly respected program that would provide intensive training with a wide spectrum of courses and subjects pertaining to the field of nutrition. I finally settled on the CSNN program knowing it would bring me the in depth value and experience I was looking for. The training was fun, thought provoking, challenging and at times a lot of work, but thoroughly worth it! I now feel well prepared to move forward in my nutritionally based career with pride and confidence. So glad I chose CSNN!
Sharie W.
Graduate, May 2021
Overall I found the course to be challenging yet worthwhile. It was hard to balance life and completing the course and it took me an extra year to finish. Especially with the year we all just went through. It would have been nice to finish earlier but going into a classroom would not have worked well for me. I have struggled with severe ADHD my entire life and have never done well in a classroom environment so the online aspect was better suited to my needs. I found that some of the material clashed with my own understanding of human nutrition but I was able to keep an open mind and found a balance between the course material and my own research and overall it has made me a much more balanced nutritional professional and this is what we should all strive to do. The staff at CSNN where always there to speak to me when I had conflicts and they worked with me to help me thought the course even when things were rough. They assured me that despite the one slant of the course material that I was free to express my own style so long as I could back up my work with evidence and I did and it was not held against me. That was very refreshing. Overall I would say that anyone wanting to get some real credentials in the nutrition world would be well suited to go this route. It has been a valuable resource for me and my clients.
Jack M.
Graduate, May 2021

I have enjoyed studying natural nutrition with CSNN and have learned so much. It has added so much value to my life and to my professional like as a yoga teacher. I look forward to being able to help clients with nutritional help as well.

Shandre K.
Graduate, April 2021

Enrolling in the CSNN Natural Nutrition Program was the best decision I could have made! The courses were easy to navigate using the online portal, the content was informative and well structured. I learnt more than I could have imagined in the past year. I am so excited I am now able to share my knowledge with my friends, family and future clients and use these practices in my every day to day life.

Katarina T.
Graduate, March 2021

CSNN has changed the way I look at health and nutrition, it is about so much more than just food. After completing the program I have a better understanding of how everything within the body is interconnected and also how other factors in our lives impact our health. I really enjoyed the distance education program because I was able to learn from home on my own time. The instructors were always very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had. The webinars were extremely useful to have alongside all the course materials. I am very grateful for my experience with CSNN.

Kayla G.
Graduate, March 2021

After struggling with health issues, I began studying with CSNN to develop a better understanding of how nutrition could impact my own health and wellbeing and that of my family. After completing the Natural Nutrition Program, I am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained. I can confidently say that I feel better than ever before and was able to identify the root cause of my health problems and address them through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Now that I am a Registered Holistic Nutrition professional, I am excited to be able to offer the same support to others. I love how flexible the Distance Education program is; it allowed me to continue working fulltime while studying at my own pace. Despite not being in a classroom, I still felt supported by the school and its instructors. I wholeheartedly recommend the Natural Nutrition Program to anyone who is interested in a holistic approach to health.

Chantelle B.
Graduate, March 2021

My years of study at CSNN were life-changing. They made my learning experience one that was filled with support, an abundance resources and knowledge but more importantly, the staff was very helpful especially Chelsea. My journey was enlightening and I feel inspired and encouraged to begin my business. I would strongly encourage this course for any person who loves health and is passionate about helping others.

Antonietta C.
Graduate, March 2021

Please Share your Experience at CSNN:: The distance education program offered through CSNN gave so much flexibility which matched perfectly for my current lifestyle. I started the program optimistic and excited – the faculty only validated those feelings as they were reachable, kind, knowledgeable and understanding. The courses offered were interesting and valuable – I truly felt that I was gaining so much creditable and useful information & knowledge. I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace but also having certain deadlines and suggested time frames to keep me on track. Overall, I felt that the distance education program was well thought out and offered a great delivery. The addition of this holistic nutrition program to my life & career has only been positive! Thank you CSNN!

Alicia C.
Graduate, March 2021

I would always recommend in class schooling where possible as it allows for you to interact with your peers and faculty more easily. Having said that, the distance education / online course offers a lot of flexibility which I required with my lifestyle. The faculty were very kind, understanding and knowledgeable. They were reasonably fast responding to direct messages. To explain how I ended up taking Holistic Nutrition goes back many years. I first found out about it when an ex-partner of mine took the course and I helped her study for all her tests, and in doing so, learned a lot. It wasn’t until a few years later when my health was sub-par that I remembered the course spoke about plant based diets and decided to give that a chance. It changed my life. At 32, i was the healthiest i had ever been in my life. Even my seasonal and pet allergies disappeared. I am still a plant based person to this day. It wasn’t until family members and friends started falling ill to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer that i decided i didn’t know enough about nutrition to make an impact in those around me. At that point i remembered the this school and decided to take the chance. I am very glad that i did. There is still so much for me to learn, but this has given me the start i needed, and the support i will still need in the future.
Greg Pym

Greg P.
Graduate, February 2021

This program has been amazing! Every course was so interesting, and i’ve learned so much. I feel that I have so much knowledge to share about nutrition, and I can’t wait to get started! The distance program has been great for this busy mom of two kids. I could choose to work on the program when I had time and it’s been a great experience overall!

Teressa A.
Graduate, January 2021

CSNN changed my life for the better hands down! I contemplated for way too long whether or not to follow my passion for health and wellness and coming across CSNN changed that all for me. The ability to study online or at one of their campuses makes it accessible to everyone to achieve their goals! The accessibility of the professors, organization of content and formatting makes this course so enjoyable. If you have been thinking about taking this step, just do it and don’t look back. I promise you it will be for the better! I cannot wait to use this step and change my life and others for the better.

Teegan D.
Graduate, January, 2021

CSNN has been an amazing experience. The program is structured in very efficient way allowing the students to go through every single topic with the right steps and appropriate tempo for learning. The team has been always such a great support every time when I needed them. In the beginning I was concerned about the time zone difference and the distance between us but once I started the program I realized that it is just designed to work well and I was not feeling the actual thousand miles physical distance between us. The additional seminars have always been so interesting and educational – each time dedicated to a very important and hot topic issue, giving another opportunity for the students to dive deeper in the area. I came for knowledge and I am extremely grateful and happy from the knowledge and training I have received at CSNN.

Iliyana M.
Graduate, January, 2021

My time at CSNN has been nothing short of fantastic! The office staff are so friendly, accommodating and understanding. The advisors are wonderful and always very quick to provide feedback and help with any questions I had. I was nervous starting this program, but through the last few years I feel like CSNN has provided me with a fantastic education to succeed in the world of natural nutrition. I would recommend CSNN to anyone looking to begin a career in this field.
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Alex S.
Graduate, December 2020

CSNN Distance Ed is an amazing program! I started it not knowing what I truly wanted out of it but I received so much more, I found my passion and my calling to teach and empower people to take back their health the holistic way. CSNN provided support throughout and allowed you to go at your own pace but still had deadlines to encourage you through. They provide numerous webinars for distant students that don?t have the ?in class? experience and allow them to connect with other students through the education system. I highly recommend this program!

Kyla J.
Graduate, December 2020