Distance Education: Testimonials

“In the beginning, I was quite surprised at how in-depth the program was. The subjects are presented in a way which layers information, for a continually developing understanding. I enjoyed all the subjects, including the difficult ones, which probably taught me more about myself than the subject itself since, self discipline and motivation was the hardest part of all. I highly recommend not only the required reading, but also the recommended, as it further builds those layers. I feel like I have a solid foundation of understanding of mind, body and spirit to build my career as a holistic nutritionist.”

~ Delina Y., graduate, March, 2020

“I thought this course would be something interesting to take as extra learning. But after the first two ‘try them out’ courses, I was hooked. I needed to know more and I needed to know how I could support my own body. I was ‘uber-fit’. I knew I could feel better from the inside but I didn’t know where to start. This course helped me in so many ways. it was a challenge, but well worth it. I am very excited to share and guide others in their health journey.”

~ Barb H., graduate, March, 2020

“It?s been the most incredible journey learning and growing with CSNN. I am so grateful that I decided to choose this school, and the online program made it so easy to follow my dreams. The knowledge I?ve gained about holistic nutrition is immense, but it doesn?t compare to the knowledge I?ve gained about myself. Thank you for being such a guiding light – I can?t wait to see where this will take me!”

~ Colleen W., graduate, March, 2020
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“Amazing experience! Great information with great teachers. I feel equipped to educate others and support them in their journey to Holistic health”

~ Karen W., graduate, March, 2020

“As a fitness trainer for the past 15 years I thought I knew everything there was to know about helping people become more healthy. This program has really opened my eyes in an immense way to the importance of supporting the individuals’ unique nutrient needs through awareness of their own symptoms and lifestyle. By supporting digestion and the body systems in most need, an individual holds the tools to help improve the efficiency and synergy of their organs, in order to see their healthiest potential.”

~ Kathy J., graduate, January, 2020

“I really enjoyed the layout of the distance education program. As a post graduate of Univeristy I was nervous to take on a program that was completely online as I worried I would not fully grasp all of the concepts. All classes were easily accessible and very well explained. I felt that I developed a detailed knowledge on all subject matter. I really enjoyed my time with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and I look forward to completing more courses in the future.”

~ Carley P., graduate, January, 2020
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“I decided to enroll for the online course because it allowed me to study while working full time. The program is really well structured and easy to follow. Even if you are studying from home, you feel supported by the teachers and the community of CSNN. They are here to help you and it shows. I now feel confident to educate people to improve their health through natural nutrition. It was a 2 years of hard work, but so worth it ! Thank you CSNN”

~ Gabrielle C., December, 2019
Gabcyrielle Nutrition

“The program was a great experience for me. It is a great starting point, very solid information and the teachers are very supportive and helpful. I took an online course, but whenever I needed help, I could always reach out and get either an email on phone support. They are very open minded and acceptive of the new info and alternative rationale. I will continue to learn and will take more courses through CSNN.”

~ Yuliya S., December, 2019

“I cannot recommend this program enough. It has completely changed the way me and my family think about nourishment. Even for those who aren’t planning to pursue a career in this field, I think understanding the way the human body works is invaluable in our enjoyment of life. I would have liked to take the program in-class but was happy that there was a more flexible option with online. That being said, I found distance ed very challenging in both understanding the content and staying motivated. I would only recommend distance ed for those who are very self motivated and self sufficient. A very challenging experience, but well worth it!”

~ Nicola D., November, 2019

“I am beyond thrilled that I completed my diploma at CSNN. It wasn’t always an easy road, as it can be difficult to work independently through Distance Education, but you always had a helping hand when needed. The teachers were always responsive when you had questions, and the office was always there to lend a hand when they could or offer advice through their own experience. The school has a great science based curriculum to give you that necessary foundation to become a great nutritionist. I highly recommend CSNN.”

~ Sandy K., R.H.N., October, 2019
Sandy K Nutrition

“I love being able to study on my own timeline. The struggle I had with other educational programs was the deadlines. Sometimes work becomes too busy to allow time for studying. I am grateful to be able to learn about something I am interested in and not have my grades suffer because other parts of my life have to take priority over continuing education and personal interests. I feel a great sense of accomplishment progressing through this program. At other educational institutions I felt bad about myself and my academic abilities for not being able to make being a student my first priority. The administrative staff I have talked to are also incredibly helpful, caring, and knowledgeable, which I have not found at other academic institutions.”

~ Kristine M., May, 2019

“I love how the e-learning portal is set up. Since we don’t have classes, I like how the lessons are organized as questions, which refer back to the textbook.”

~ Besa B., May, 2019

“I am very happy to see that CSNN incorporates the latest research and practices regarding controversial topics, like saturated fats, protein consumption. I also receive a lot of information that is new to me, and very useful.”

~ Valentina M., May, 2019

“I like that I can take things at my own pace but there are still guidelines on when each course should be completed. I also am very interested in the course material and the textbooks which keeps me motivated.”

~ Chantelle B., April, 2019

“I really enjoy that an online program is offered for the people who have to work. I appreciate we are left alone until the student needs help and reaches out. The guidelines are useful too.”

~ Karyl J., April, 2019