Distance Education: Testimonials

“I am beyond thrilled that I completed my diploma at CSNN. It wasn’t always an easy road, as it can be difficult to work independently through Distance Education, but you always had a helping hand when needed. The teachers were always responsive when you had questions, and the office was always there to lend a hand when they could or offer advice through their own experience. The school has a great science based curriculum to give you that necessary foundation to become a great nutritionist. I highly recommend CSNN.”

~ Sandy K., R.H.N., October, 2019
Sandy K Nutrition

“I love being able to study on my own timeline. The struggle I had with other educational programs was the deadlines. Sometimes work becomes too busy to allow time for studying. I am grateful to be able to learn about something I am interested in and not have my grades suffer because other parts of my life have to take priority over continuing education and personal interests. I feel a great sense of accomplishment progressing through this program. At other educational institutions I felt bad about myself and my academic abilities for not being able to make being a student my first priority. The administrative staff I have talked to are also incredibly helpful, caring, and knowledgeable, which I have not found at other academic institutions.”

~ Kristine M., May, 2019

“I love how the e-learning portal is set up. Since we don’t have classes, I like how the lessons are organized as questions, which refer back to the textbook.”

~ Besa B., May, 2019

“I am very happy to see that CSNN incorporates the latest research and practices regarding controversial topics, like saturated fats, protein consumption. I also receive a lot of information that is new to me, and very useful.”

~ Valentina M., May, 2019

“I like that I can take things at my own pace but there are still guidelines on when each course should be completed. I also am very interested in the course material and the textbooks which keeps me motivated.”

~ Chantelle B., April, 2019

“I really enjoy that an online program is offered for the people who have to work. I appreciate we are left alone until the student needs help and reaches out. The guidelines are useful too.”

~ Karyl J., April, 2019

“The online Facebook community is awesome! Also I am enjoying Sympto 2 because it is incorporating and building upon the foundation of the first 2 texts.”

~ Tanis S., April, 2019

“I truly appreciate the diversity and depth of the material presented so far. It has truly allowed me to transform my understanding of nutrition and how improve the body’s well-being”

~ Carolina A., April, 2019

“I am really enjoying the material, in particular the Symptomatology courses. The academic advisors are helpful and I like the discussions on the forums as students can help each other out. Overall, I feel that it is a supportive online learning community!”

~ Julie G., March, 2019

“I’m really just enjoying progressing through the program in an area that I have been interested in for so long. Despite having done a lot of reading in this field in the past, I am still constantly learning new things everyday. I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others.”

~ Jody B., March, 2019

“I like how accommodating the school and administrators are to someone with a disability. I really enjoy the webinars and find them very helpful! I’ve learnt so much already and can’t wait for what’s next to come!”

~ Rebecca D., March, 2019