Tuition and Fees

CSNN Distance Education

Tuition and Fees

All CSNN programs are delivered online, with the exception of the Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops, which are done via mail and/or fax.

See tuition and fees below for our programs.

See CSNN Admission Requirements.

Natural Nutrition Program

The price we give you is what you pay for everything you need to complete the program, including books. The only other fee is a small amount for the final exam (currently $204.25), payable when all course requirements are complete. No additional or hidden fees.

At CSNN We will never try to mislead or deceive you by quoting tuition only and then charging hundreds of dollars in additional fees and requiring you to spend hundreds more on textbooks you must source yourself.

However, if you prefer to source textbooks yourself, we will reduce the total fee by $580, which is the approximate cost of purchasing brand new paperback versions on Amazon. If you purchase used books or ebooks, you may save significantly. Simply choose this option on the registration form.

Payment Schedule Amount Payment Notes Total Amount*
One-Time Payment $5995.00 BEST VALUE $5995.00
2 Payments $3038.00 each 1 current, 1 post-dated; max. 18 months later $6076.00
4 Payments $1539.00 each 1 current, 3 post-dated; max. nine-month intervals $6156.00
6 Payments $1040.00 each 1 current, 5 post-dated; max. six-month intervals $6240.00
12 Payments $540.00 each 1 current, 11 post-dated; max. three-month intervals $6480.00
Monthly Payments $225.00 each* *First payment $525.00, followed by 32 payments of $225.00 $7725.00

No Additional Fees

Our Natural Nutrition Diploma Program is tax exempt.

Holistic Culinary Workshops

Item Amount
Tuition, Fees & Taxes $546.13

No Additional Fees

Natural Nutrition Introduction Certificate

Item Amount
Tuition and Textbook (includes shipping within Canada) $820.00


Note: For Canadian residents, please add applicable tax.
Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island: 15% HST
Ontario, New Brunswick: 13% HST
Quebec: 5% GST and 9.975% QST
All other Canadian residents: 5% GST
No tax on materials shipped out of Canada.

Natural Nutrition Individual Workshops

Prices vary per workshop. Please click Registration link below to see full details. 

Advanced Holistic Nutrition Workshops