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Cook your way to better health!

Culinary Workshop Descriptions

These holistic food preparation and tasting classes teach basic cooking skills and techniques. Learn to apply them to foods like grains, legumes, greens, bone broths, and fermented foods. These classes have something to offer everyone, from beginners to more experience chefs. Students walk away with an enriched skill set in holistic cooking and how it benefits overall health.

*Please note that workshop names and availability varies depending on branch location.

Knife Skills

Learn the essentials of food safety, how to maintain a clean and organized kitchen, and the proper temperatures for cooking, cooling, storing, and reheating food. Basic knife skills will be demonstrated and practiced as students prepare a basic vegetable stock and garnishes. Learn tips for working efficiently and effectively along with the use of many standard tools and equipment found in a working kitchen.

Ancient Grains and Legumes

You are introduced to a variety of grains and legumes and their nutritional benefits with a focus on optimal preparation with techniques such as soaking, sprouting, and fermenting of beans, nuts, grains, and seeds. You’ll be able to visually identify and name nutritional properties of a variety of ancient grains and legumes. Learn how to prepare them for optimal digestibility and gain confidence to expand the variety of your diet. A variety of dishes will be demonstrated and prepared.

Nut Cheese and Raw Techniques

Taking our knowledge of probiotics further we will learn the fundamentals of modern, non-dairy cheesemaking. Originally a marginal aspect of raw and vegan cuisine, this form of alternative cheesemaking has been found to have many healthy benefits for our microbiome. We will cover making “rejuvelac” a raw fermented grain tonic which serves as the starter culture for making nut & seed cheeses.

Probiotic Foods and Beverages

Welcome to the world of pickled, fermented vegetables and fizzy, live culture kombucha beverages. Learn how to make and incorporate probiotic and enzyme-rich foods and beverages into the diet. Learn the importance of probiotic foods in the diet for digestive and immune health as well as food traditions and importance of fermented and cultured foods in traditional diets compared to modern diets. This class also introduces quality salt and the functions of salt in the diet. Make sauerkraut through hands-on preparation. The class also includes demonstrations and tasting of kimchi and kombucha.

Practical Food Preparation

This is the class for all you busy bees! Gain tools and insight on how to plan for and execute a successful week of healthy eating to incorporate personal tastes and healthy foods while considering time and budget. This class provides a template for creating meal plans for yourself and for case study (volunteer) clients. Make dishes which keep well in the fridge, are versatile, and can be batch-cooked and frozen. There will also be an interactive discussion of the benefits and limitations of eating locally and seasonally.

Eating for Growth and Performance

Athletes often require additional nutrients, calories, and protein to maintain muscle and performance. Learn how to create nutrient-balanced pre- and post-workout smoothies, homemade electrolyte drinks, and energy bars. Addressing the specific needs of people who need to adapt their diets for strength and performance will be applied to main meal preparation as well. A discussion on the specific dietary approaches to support both strength athletes and endurance athletes will be discussed.
Upgrade Hours: CAHN-Pro: 12 | CANNP: 12

Alternative Baking and Sweets

Satisfy a sweet tooth with healthier alternatives and substitutions for commonly allergenic and trigger foods. The variety of sweet made can accommodate grain-free, raw, and vegan diets and even incorporates superfoods such as goji berries, maca, and raw cacao. See how to create a creamy texture without dairy and eggs. Nutrition information will be provided on a variety of natural sweeteners and how to use them in baking and raw desserts.

Healthy Broths

Learn how to make traditional bone broths to create a foundation for soups, stews, and sauces. Bone broths and vegetable broths are compared in preparation and nutrition qualities as students learn how to create delicious soups and stews using a versatile “recipe skeleton”. Beyond just how-to, learn the restorative benefits of bone broth and how to apply them to GAPS, paleo-type diets, and other health-giving protocols. Ethical sourcing of bones and animal products will be discussed and a local resource listing for finding quality meat and bones will be provided.

Upgrade Hours: CAHN-Pro: 17 | CANNP: 17

Global Cuisine

Discover how geography and climate have influenced the world’s major cuisines by providing not only different key ingredients, but also the herbs and spices which define their flavor profiles. Different cultures have developed cooking techniques and all have their inherent nutritional logic. Recipes selected to provide templates to prepare Indian, Mediterranean, or Southeast Asian dishes.

Land, Lake, and Sea

Kitchen techniques will be introduced as well as how to identify, prepare, and cook a wide variety of plants that are cultivated, foraged, and wild-harvested. Learn how to properly caramelize onions, braise hardy greens, roast root vegetables, sauté, and steam as the class prepares a plant-based feast.

Student Submissions


  • I really enjoyed this part of the course, and I’m so glad it was added before I went through the program. They are so fun to complete when you’re just having a bit of an “off” day and don’t feel like studying but can still learn so much and have fun doing it 🙂 I actually started teaching fermentation workshops after the probiotic section! It’s been a great way to round out my new career.

    Kaitlin W.
    November 16, 2023
  • Really enjoyed the HCC classes and the fact they were included with the Natural Nutrition program! I learned a lot and loved all the new recipes to add into my repertoire.

    Rachel, D.
    September 21, 2023
  • I’ve just completed the holistic nutrition diploma program and am studying for the final exam. I really liked the content in that program, and I’m excited to start working in the holistic nutrition field.
    I really liked this certificate! It was informative and fun and pushed me out of my comfort zone in cooking. I will definitely be using all the recipes provided during this program.

    Makayla, S.
    September 10, 2023
  • Excellent course which helps apply the theoretical learning into practical recipes and build confidence in the kitchen. Through completing this certificate I feel I am better equipped to coach and support clients in their kitchens. I think program is a natural partner to the diploma program and really bridges the gap for those of us who do not come from a culinary background. I found the teachers to be excellent and the online format really opens up the opportunity to go at your own pace and try recipes with your family and friends. I really enjoyed my experience with this certificate but more importantly I learned hands on skills I now use routinely in my own life and practice.

    Tania G
    January 20, 2023
  • General Feedback: I had so much fun taking this certificate! I appreciate all the new knowledge I have now from these workshops.

    Testimonial: I very much enjoyed taking the holistic culinary workshops through CSNN. They gave me not only tons of new knowledge but also a lot of recipes and tips that I will now use every day. Making everything was so much fun!

    Kelsea G.
    August 01, 2023
  • I really enjoyed these series of workshops. They are great for people that need a thorough introduction to cooking and also for people who have been cooking for quite some time as in my case. There were many new things that I learned. I very much liked the flexibility of being able to substitute quite a few ingredients so that we can use what we have already on hand and the variety of recipes we can try for the classes for the same reason.

    Maria Linda F
    April 30, 2023
  • I enjoyed CSNN’s HCC program very much! As someone who does follow a holistic lifestyle and always cooks/eats at home, this program was a great way to delve deeper into cooking methods and overall nutrition. Each module offered various perspectives on holistic cooking, health from the ‘roots up,’ and the importance of wholesome eating.

    Sonya, T
    January 23, 2022
  • I’m very pleased with the Holistic Culinary Workshop. I learned healthier ways to prepare the same dishes I was used to, and I got out of my comfort zone by trying new ones. My skills in the kitchen and my recipes improved a lot. Everyone around me could notice that!

    Patricia, G
    January 7, 2022
  • As a major foodie who loves to cook, it was really great to be able to learn more culinary techniques that I can add to my arsenal.

    Larissa Nicole, C
    January 31, 2022
  • Wonderful instructors and applicable skills upon completion of this course. I am finishing feeling confident in my abilities and look forward to continuing learning in the kitchen. Thank you CSNN for another excellent course!

    Drew M
    February 14, 2022
  • I have long had a passion for nutrition, and found that combining the course work with the Holistic Cooking Classes has added to that passion. Creating recipes that are beautiful and delicious and individualizing them to support body systems is an amazing tool to have!!

    Corrine P
    February 07, 2022
  • I learned quite a lot through this course about different ingredients and cooking methods which was great for me since I’m a beginner in the kitchen.

    Bruwera C
    January 26, 2022
  • The Holistic Culinary certificate workshop by far has been the best and most interactive experience I have undergone since I began my journey with The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Not only is it informative, insightful and well-formatted but the convenience of being able to complete this course within the comfort of my own kitchen by far has been the biggest privilege. I am grateful for all the instructors who took their time to be a part of these lessons. And of course for CSNN incorporating this workshop into the program.

    Musulyn M
    April 16, 2022
  • The videos you provided us are very informative and show the details that are easy to follow. I truly appreciate that. Thank you!

    Mio, S.
    September 13, 2023

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