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Flexible Learning Formats

In-Classroom, Virtual, Hybrid, Online Self-Study

CSNN’s main goals are maintaining student’s health, quality of education, and academic integrity during these unprecedented times. CSNN is happy to provide flexible study formats to accommodate students. Live virtual interactive learning has been added across Canada to its existing in-classroom format. Self-study online format is offered with the distance education branch. These study formats apply to the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program, as well as all introductory, culinary, and advanced certificates and workshops. For more information on all CSNN offerings, please click here.

In-Person, Virtual Interactive, Hybrid Learning Formats

Offered by CSNN Classroom Branches

Depending on the branch, here are the following study formats that may be offered:

  • 100% Live Interactive Online Classrooms via Zoom
  • Limited in-person classroom seating with social distancing protocols in place
  • Some branches have some students in class while other students are part of the same class via Zoom (hybrid)
  • Some branches offer a portion of the program in class while offering another portion of the program live interactive online (hybrid)

Regardless of study format, students will attend scheduled live classes delivered by their instructor and be able to participate and interact with each other in class discussions. Practicals (sometimes called practicums or corequisites, depending on the branch) may also be offered in an online format. This is the ideal format for students who want the instructor experience and who thrive in a more structured format while interacting with instructors and fellow students.

For classroom branches, program start dates are in Spring and Fall while Introductory, culinary and advanced certificates and workshops may be offered throughout the year, depending on the branch. Students can select either a 1-year full-time schedule or 2-year part-time schedule to best suit their needs and lifestyle. Intensive and accelerated programs exist at some branches.

If you live in an area where there isn’t a brick and mortar CSNN classroom, yet would like to be part of one of these study formats offered by CSNN classroom branches, please reach out to any one of the multiple branches you are interested in to see what options are available. 

Online Learning - Self-Study Format

Offered by CSNN Distance Education

Distance Education operates on a continuous intake model so students can start whenever they are ready. The self-study online format is flexible as it allows the student to create their own schedule. This format is good for students who prefer to work on courses in the program on their own, reaching out to an academic advisor when they need one. The self-study method is good for students who are self-disciplined to stick to the schedules they have created.

This format allows students to maintain their busy schedules and prioritize their studies accordingly while progress is monitored, and help is offered when needed. With no geographical barriers, international students are always welcome; CSNN has graduates from 29 countries around the globe.

Distance Education students can reach out to an academic advisor for additional help. They also have access to an exclusive online community of students.

We recommend you reach out to your preferred branch for details on their offerings, registration, schedules, tuition, and more. To learn more about CSNN’s Natural Nutrition program and many other offerings, please click here.