AHN: Practitioner Code of Ethics

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Practitioner Code of Ethics

The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition has as its mission the education of the individual in the principles of holistic health care and the principles of natural nutrition, to further the well-being of people and the healing of planet Earth.  To this end, a Holistic Nutritional Consultant professional, CSNN Natural Nutrition Student, or other Health Care Practitioner taking an AHN workshop(s), agrees to:

  1. maintain an interest in the well-being of all human beings, regardless of colour, creed or nationality, and in the care of planet Earth.
  1. respect the right of his/her client as an individual in all respects, as to personal tastes, morals and social values.
  1. be non-judgmental as to the life values and experience of the client.
  1. treat the client under all circumstances with due concern for the dignity of the individual.
  1. respect the confidential nature of their relationship with the client and protect the confidentiality of assessments and recorded documents.
  1. guide and counsel their client in the best way to achieve optimal health through natural nutrition, but always respect the right and need for the client to make the final decision in all wellness plans.
  1. teach the client to accept responsibility for their own health choices and actions.
  1. accept full responsibility for the consequences of their own acts.
  1. provide professional services only in those areas in which they have competence and training.
  1. recognize the need to work co-operatively with other disciplines, holistic or allopathic, to best serve the client’s need, respecting the unique contribution of each discipline.
  1. respect differences of opinion and exercise tact and diplomacy in interpersonal relations.
  2. resolve to improve and maintain his/her professional competence in the field of natural nutrition and holistic health care, or applicable health care field.

-Rev February 2022-