Case Studies

Natural Nutrition Diploma Program


CSNN has a large component in its clinical studies which involves working on real live case studies. 

Ten case studies must be completed in addition to the minimum 50 hours of mandatory practicals. These are real-life case studies, using comprehensive intake forms to examine all internal and external factors affecting a person’s nutritional health and wellbeing.

How is a case study completed?

  • A nutrition assessment will be completed for a practice “client” solicited by the student
  • Detailed questionnaire will be conducts to identify nutrition imbalances revealed by symptoms
  • Students will recommend appropriate dietary, lifestyle, and supplement changes to improve their “client’s” health

This is a valuable part of the student’s education in which they learn to effectively apply knowledge from their classes to real-life situations. They will develop the necessary skills, tools,  and confidence needed to practice and have one-on-one consultations with clients. 

Gain Confidence as a Practitioner

I absolutely loved the content and the courses at CSNN. If you have an interest in nutrition and holistic health, you will love this program! The biggest challenge were the case studies at the end but they were definitely worth it! You never really grow and solidify the learnings until you start putting them in practice. The case studies and the final exam really help boost your confidence. I loved the program!

D. Belanger, R.H.N.