Raising Healthy Children

Holistic nutrition can benefit not only you but your entire family. Find tips and tricks, articles, and kid-friendly recipes to help with picky eaters, proper nutrition for children, allergies, healthy habits, and more. We’ve got every stage covered, thanks to our community of holistic nutrition professionals. 

Nutrition Tips for Kids

  • Rice Cereal – Friend or Foe? – If you are thinking about introducing solids to your baby, this blog post is for you. As a new mama, there is so much information out there that can be overwhelming. Caelin Folsom, R.H.N. sheds a little light on this topic.
  • How to Pack Your Kids’ Lunch with Confidence – Even when keeping packed lunches simple, there are many ways to be creative and make it fun for little ones. Ciara Morin, R.H.N. shares some tips for packing lunch, including focusing on functional and nutrient-dense foods to keep energy up.
  • 10 Ways to Bond or Connect with Your Unborn Baby – Denise Chiriboga, R.H.N., shares a list of ways that you and your partner can bond with your unborn baby to make baby feel safe, and let baby know that they are loved and cared for.
  • Skin Health for Kids – Paulette Millis, R.H.N., enlightens us and shares some ideas to ensure healthy skin for your kids.

Reading Recommendations

We have lots of reading recommendations from our CSNN graduates, from nutrition guides for pregnancy, moms, and children, to fun children’s books where they can learn more about the food they eat and how it helps them grow strong and stay healthy.

Keep energy up with this playful spin on a popular snack. This nutrient-dense snack has carbs for energy, nut butters, hemp hearts, and coconut to prevent blood sugar spikes, and cinnamon to help with blood sugar control.

A super immune smoothie is a yummy way to eat the rainbow! This is one of our favourite ways to get those important antioxidants and vitamins into your kid’s diet.

Here are some fun ways to incorporate a balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins. Brain Booster Boards can be made many different ways to include a variety of vitamins, healthy fats, proteins, textures, and tastes to keep things fun and interesting!

This is a quick and refreshing treat for the hot summer days. It’s also super simple to make and beautiful to look at. Dairy-free and gluten-free, this vegan sweet treat is great for everyone! Recipe from Delia Mota, R.H.N.

What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

CSNN graduate Sisley Killam shares her experience with the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program, what brought her to holistic nutrition, and how her career has flourished. 

Berry Swirl Ice Cream Sandwiches

A perfect end-of-summer, kid-friendly recipe from Beth Bierema, R.H.N. She also shares her holistic nutrition journey and her experience with CSNN’s Natural Nutrition Program. 

This is a healthier version of this popular kid’s snack. This elevated recipe has brain-loving ingredients to help support growing minds. Recipe from Neurotrition.

CSNN graduate Alexa Torontow shares her recipe for 4-ingredient soft and gooey “breakfast” cookies. Super simple and quick to make! 

Chocolate Cherry Nice Cream

CSNN graduate Amy Longard shares her recipe for Cherry Chocolate ‘Nice’ Cream, a quick DIY dairy-free banana-based ice-cream.

Kid-Friendly Summer Snacks

CSNN graduate Samantha deSousa has some healthy and fun snack ideas for kids this summer that are easy to put together. 

Helping Children Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

Good healthy habits start young. CSNN graduate Debora Palmieri gives some tips and insight on how to raise holistic children, one meal at a time. Article via EcoParent.

Zoodles & Turkey Meatballs

Instead of spaghetti and meatballs, CSNN graduate Marisa Ricci shares her healthy and delicious take on this classic kid-favourite dish. 

Better Breakfast Routines and Hacks

CSNN graduate Jessica Sherman shares some important information on how to build better breakfast routines to build a healthy lifestyle. Article via EcoParent. 

Recommended Resources:

  • “The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Healthy Kids” – Meredith Deasley, R.H.N.
  • “No More Junk Food!: 80+ Delicious Recipes to Replace Popular Processed Foods” – Wendy McCallum, R.H.N.
  • “Nutrition Guide For New Moms” – Lisa Millar, R.H.N.
  • “ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word: Drug Free Strategies for Managing the Gift that is ADHD” – Karen Ryan, R.H.N.
  • “Raising Resilience: 36 Ways To Help Your Kids Relax, Learn and Grow” – Jessica Sherman, R.H.N. (Watch Jess Sherman’s TV interview on Daytime Ottawa where she discusses her book)
  • “100 Healthiest Foods To Eat During Pregnancy” – Allison Tannis, R.H.N.
  • “A Natural Foods Approach to Children’s Nutrition” – Shara Vickers, R.H.N.
  • “Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World: How to solve the childhood obesity puzzle and get your kids in balance” – Brenda Wollenberg, R.H.N.

Children’s Books:

  • “Did You Eat Your Vitamins Today” – Ena Sabih, R.H.N.
  • “The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric” series – Laara Exsnar, B.Ed., R.H.N. and Erin Kurt, B.Ed.
  • “Love to be Me”, “I Am Magical Me”, and “The Hue in You” – Sarah Kraftchuk, R.H.N.
  • “Everyday Superhero” and “Headstrong” – Stefania Moffatt, R.H.N.

Natural Nutrition Program 

The Lifecycle Nutrition Pediatric course presents information on how to help conceive and raise a healthy child in today’s world – a world in which our children’s health is declining at an alarming rate. It provides alternative health care recommendations (such as dietary, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle changes) for the period from pre-conception to childhood.

Learn more about our courses here.