CSNN Alumni Association

The CSNN Alumni Association (CSNNAA) is an incorporated, non-profit organization that is the starting point for CSNN graduates. Through community, information and partnership, the Alumni Association endeavors to support, encourage and guide all CSNN graduates to achieve success in their chosen path within the industry.

The governing body of the CSNNAA- the Board of Directors- is comprised of passionate CSNN graduates with diverse backgrounds and experience. The Board is responsible for managing the affairs of the CSNNAA according to by-laws and a Code of Ethics approved through voting by the membership. The Alumni Association also manages the Registry for CSNN’s professional designations, which lists practitioners in good standing.

The CSNNAA provides the tools you need to start your business successfully. Enjoy business mentorship, career strategy, networking and interviewing tips, website building and more. From free monthly Masterclass webinars, networking opportunities and the annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference, discover the many discounted tools that are essential for starting your business on the member’s portal. Plus, as a member, receive a 10% tuition discount on continuing education workshops offered at CSNN, including Advanced Holistic Nutrition Workshops and Certificate Packages.

For more information about the CSNNA, please go to csnnalumni.org.