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Digestive Health

A well-functioning digestive system is incredibly important and linked to optimal health. Here you’ll find articles on an array of topics related to digestion as well as some delicious gut-healthy recipes from our community of holistic nutrition professionals. 


  • Gut Feelings: Harnessing The Gut-Brain Connection To Improve Mood – “How we feel emotionally really resonates in our gut.” CSNN Grad and Neuroscience Expert, Orsha Magyar, C.H.N., shares the key link for transferring emotional intuitions from your brain down to your gut – a physical representation of the mind-body connection.
  • Kombucha, Kimchi and Other Fermented Foods – “While studies on the health benefits of fermented foods are currently few, preliminary scientific research says that they can play a role in disease prevention and may even have a positive effect on mental health.” Debora Palmieri, R.H.N.,  shares why kombucha and other fermented foods should be a part of your daily diet.
  • 5 Simple Tips to Improve Digestion – Bonnie Wisener, R.H.N., tells us why “One of the most fascinating and impactful things I learned during my time studying [at CSNN] was how important the link was between well-functioning digestion and good health.”

Healthy Tips

  • Natural Ways to Beat Bloating – “Not all bodies are created equal; therefore not everyone reacts to foods the same way.” Stephanie Kay, R.H.N., provides a few natural tips to overcome bloating.
  • The Lost Art of Chewing – In our fast pace lives many of us find it hard to even sit down to eat, let alone chew! CSNN instructor, Elizabeth Leslie, R.H.N., explains why chewing is so important.
  • Digestion: Head of the Dog – Why is digestion the “head of the dog”? What does that even mean? Milka Milicevic, R.H.N., shares why many chronic health issues develop over time as the result of poor digestion, as well as tips to aid digestion.
  • CSNN Grad, Vanessa Case, R.H.N., shares her personal story; how she struggled with digestive issues before taking back control of her health through the power of holistic nutrition.

Digestive Health

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Gut Healing Khichri

This recipe from Erin Lamb, C.H.N.C., is easy to digest and is full of anti-inflammatory spices to support a healthy gut. Keep it basic or add some extras! 

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

Laura Brining, R.H.N., shares a vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free recipe for fluffy blueberry muffins. These are the perfect start to your day. 

Golden Beet & Berry Salad

A lovely, fresh, and cleansing salad from Jessica Pecush, C.H.N.C. Be sure to read the nutrition facts about the key ingredients. 

Intermittent Fasting - Ancient or All the Rage?

Is this a new trend? This article by Jenn Camirand, R.H.N., tells us what intermittent fasting is and the potential benefits. 

Gardening and Gut Health

Meg de Jong, R.H.N., shares why gut health is so important and how gardening can play a part in improving your health. 

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Body

Now that spring is here, we spring clean our house, but what about our bodies? Joanna Brown, C.H.N.C., gives us some tips on how to give our bodies extra love and support after winter.