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Jessica Pecush


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Jessica Pecush is a gut-focused Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™, Culinary Nutrition Expert and AIP Certified Coach®. She supports professional , driven women navigating the discomfort, pain and unpredictability of autoimmune gut disorders (e.g. Celiac, Crohn’s, Colitis) REPAIR their gut, REGAIN their energy and RECLAIM their lives!

Having navigated her own journey with autoimmunity for the past 2 decades (Ulcerative Colitis), Jessica has first-hand experience with the tremendous impact that a pinpointed anti-inflammatory diet, strategic supplementation and therapeutic lifestyle practices have on drastically reducing active inflammation in the body and enhancing quality of life.

In 2017, Jessica Pecush Nutrition was born, as an opportunity to passionately educate and empower others to consistently remain in the driver’s seat with their own state of health and wellness. Jessica empowers her clients with an anti-inflammatory, whole foods-based approach tailored to their unique circumstances, high-impact lifestyle habits and ‘Growth Mindset’ strategies that WORK!

It’s never ‘too late’ to improve one’s state of health, especially when suitable guided support and high-impact, evidence-based recommendations are in place. Jessica supports her clients toward liberating themselves from the bodily imbalances associated with persistent gut issues using a root cause-focused approach, they can ultimately feel FULLY PRESENT in every aspect of their personal and professional lives once again.

Jessica spends the majority of her coaching time facilitating her 4-month, online-based coaching program ‘The DI-JESS-TION Method’, helping her clients lay a sustainable, enjoyable and solid foundation with their gut health for their many years of life ahead! She also enjoys hosting in-person workshops for the public in Calgary, as well as in-person/virtual Corporate Wellness Workshops for a variety of business types.


CSNN provided me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge, skills and understanding with regards to truly embodying a holistic lifestyle, upon realizing that I wanted to pursue formal education in the field of Natural Nutrition. Attending CSNN was a life-changing experience, in that it provided me the confidence and tools to both envision and launch a private nutritional consulting practice. The Natural Nutrition program not only impacted and supported my health on a personal level, but provided me the avenue to be of service to others and impact the lives of others in indescribable ways.

Jessica Pecush, C.H.N.C.