Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

Find resources, articles, and recipes here from our community of holistic nutrition professionals. Topics covered include anxiety, stress management, your brain, and how holistic nutrition is connected. 

Mental Wellness Articles

Mental Wellness Facebook Live Replay (Feb. 12/18)

An interactive discussion with Holistic Nutrition Professional and CSNN Grad, Andrea Donsky, led by BOLO Inc. Founder, Caleigh Rykiss, about a holistic approach to mental wellness.

The Darkside of Sleep Debt

Sleep has a huge impact on our mental health. Jennifer Fraser, R.H.N., explains how much sleep we need to restore the brain and maintain the health of the body, including tips for improving sleep quality.

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What is Mental Wellness?

What does it look and feel like? Is it different for everyone? Kelly Aiello, R.H.N., digs deeper and explains what it is as well as 7 tips to help maintain positive mental wellness.

20 Min. Hearty Soup

Andrea Brown, R.H.N., shares a satisfying and balanced soup that can be whipped up in 20 minutes.  What a perfect cozy meal for winter!

Hummus with a Twist

Orsha Magyar, M.Sc., C.H.N., shares this yummy dip packed with anti-oxidant rich and anti-inflammatory ingredients that’s brain-friendly.

Stress Less Smoothie

Lisa Chilvers, R.H.N., brings us this easy smoothie that can help you feel calmer, full of beneficial ingredients to soothe tension and relax. 

Continuing Education Workshops for Health Care Practitioners:

AN102 Nutrition and Mental Health (Part 1) – Mood Disorders

AN103 Nutrition and Mental Health (Part 2) – Alzheimer’s Disease

Learn more about these workshops here: AHN Workshops

In fight or flight mode, your parasympathetic nervous system, which needs to be activated for digestion, won’t switch on. Let’s talk about anxiety and digestive health and walk through the stages affected…

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